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Shoplifters in Nassau County Had the Wrong Suspect Released After Being Arrested at a Target

Two guys detained outside Target last week for shoplifting switched IDs and got Nassau police to transfer the wrong defendant to New York City on an NYPD warrant.

Quamik Stephenson and Ronald Jiles-Ais stole two infant car seats from Target’s Westbury store. Police say they went to Customer Service to “return” them.

Jiles, Stephenson

Ais failed to convince Customer Service to refund the car seats. They left…with the car seats. They didn’t pay. Police say.

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Stephenson and Jiles-Ais entered a black Tesla getaway car outside, according to authorities. Investigators went to the Tesla. Police reported two new car seats in the back seat. Malique Wilson, the driver, was questioned.

They reported the Tesla door sprang open and Wilson ran through the parking lot. Stephenson followed. Jiles-Ais sat.

Wilson returned, police say.

Police swooped in and arrested him.

Wilson pushed the pedal and drove off, crashing into three cars with a police officer clinging onto the Tesla door.

Police said Wilson left the Tesla and ran. He was crouched beside a dump truck. Stephenson wandered the parking lot. Jiles-Ais remained.

Ronald Jiles-Ais, Malique Wilson, and Quamik Stephenson were arrested. All Brooklyn.

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Nassau County Police found Wilson’s warrant during a standard background check. NYPD “Wanted” him for weapons possession. After Nassau County, he would be taken to NYC to face the NYPD.

The next day, the Nassau County Police Department released a news release containing mug photographs of the three Target arrestees. Editors covered it extensively. (Uncertain if police jumbled up photographs.)

Three men stayed overnight. The next morning, they were arraigned. Quamik Stephenson introduced himself to Nassau County Judge Marie McCormack. He confirmed his home address and birthdate.

Stephenson was next. Malique Wilson introduced himself. He confirmed Wilson’s home address and birthdate. I swear.

Truthful Ronald Jiles-Ais. ‘I’m me’.

Malique Wilson denied three felonies, resisting arrest, escaping the police, leaving an accident, and other allegations. Hauppauge public defender Danielle Papa represented him.

Not Malique Wilson. Quamik Stephenson.

Quamik Stephenson denied petit larceny and resisting arrest. Not Quamik Stephenson. Malique Wilson.

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When detained, Ronald Jiles-Ais had three fraudulent driver’s licenses. He received 3 Felonies for fraudulent licenses and Petit Larceny for Target stealing. Joseph Megale represented him.

After arraignments, Stephenson and Jiles-Ais were released with court dates. Wilson returned to New York City on a warrant to the NYPD.

The NYPD analyzed fingerprints and pictures and discovered he wasn’t Malique Wilson!

Too late. Malique Wilson was revealed last week. He left. After his shoplifting arraignment, he disappeared from 99 Main Street in Hempstead. He’s untraceable.

Stephenson, the Wilson impersonator, returned to Nassau County to face the music.

“Wilson has not been captured,” the Nassau County Assistant District Attorney informed Judge McCormack today at Stephenson’s arraignment on these new accusations.

Stephenson faces five misdemeanor charges of conspiracy, escape, impersonation, and perjury for his newest act. Judge McCormack set bail again. “Escape” in the 3rd degree under Criminal Code 205.05 is bailable under Bail Reform.

Stephenson’s bail: $200,000. Christopher Devane represents Stephenson. Stephenson remains imprisoned. He’s not rescued. They’re broke.

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