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Reform the Bail System Immediately to Put an End to the Killing Caused by Fentanyl

Tens of thousands of Americans, including thousands in New York, die a year from fentanyl overdoses.

Because of this, Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney’s proposal to expand the list of drug offenses for which bail can be granted is long overdue.

For overdose deaths, Tierney advocates for a “death by dealer” law.

His proposals have received some support from both parties in the legislature, but it’s unlikely that the leaders in Albany will disregard the crime-loving progressives and act on them.

Still, the statistics prove who is right.

The great majority of the approximately 2,800 drug overdose deaths (eight a day) in New York City in the 12 months prior to June 2022 were caused by fentanyl.

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A total of 433 people will be killed that year, a significant decrease from the average.

Yet because of the ridiculously low bond amounts for drug trafficking, the people who sell this poison can keep killing.

In 2022, Vito Frabizio did just that when he sold fentanyl to Long Island junkie Frank Cairo. After Cairo overdosed and died, Frabizio was released on supervised release but was quickly caught dealing again.

Complete insanity; is further evidence that New York’s “reforms” to its criminal justice system benefit no one but the lowest of the low, while at the same time tearing families and communities apart.

On the other hand, the pro-crime camorra in Albany (including Democratic leaders in both chambers) has members running so afraid that they won’t support even Gov. Kathy Hochul’s moderate amendment to the no-bail statute.

Perhaps Hochul will finally grow a pair and use her veto power over the state budget to obtain what she wants.

But, that’s only a drop in the bucket of what’s required.

Violence will continue until voters elect new lawmakers, even if reasonable Democrats in the Legislature are unable to exert influence on (or replace) their leaders.

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