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Possible Explanation for New Jersey’s Mysterious Ground Shaking Booms

Locals in New Jersey have been hearing some peculiar booms in the night sky as of late. Some of these frightening noises are so intense that they really shake the ground. Many people in New Jersey have been perplexed about what’s causing all of these odd occurrences, but now they’re starting to get some answers.

Apparently, the military is responsible for the loud explosions heard in the vicinity at irregular intervals. As Navy authorities have pointed out, the tests were actually supersonic. Jersey locals get a major boost from this air path, but they’re not having much fun dealing with the constant roar of the planes overhead.

Residents of New Jersey have reported feeling strange, tremor-like vibrations, similar to those experienced after an earthquake.

Reason for Mysterious Ground-Rattling Booms in New Jersey Potentially Revealed

Locals in New Jersey claim that they heard loud noises and felt what could only be described as “earthquake-like” tremors during these strange occurrences.

Southern New Jersey was hit hardest by the tremors early last week. According to the authorities, these events all happened around the same time, which is convenient for a military experiment. According to, this test involves a supersonic plane flying close to the Jersey Shore.

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The updates indicated that these trials were being conducted by authorities at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland. According to the allegations, local authorities were reportedly “executing supersonic test spots.” Predominantly over the Atlantic Ocean, with some stretches about three miles off the New Jersey coast.

This aircraft was flown on the “Test Track” area where speeds of over the speed of sound were achieved.

Reason for Mysterious Ground-Rattling Booms in New Jersey Potentially Revealed

Navy pilots will be putting these impressive planes through their paces in the “Test Track,” an area of airspace above New Jersey, as a Navy spokesman puts it. Recently tested aircraft on this course exceeded the speed of sound.

The “booms” that locals in New Jersey have reported hearing are likely what kicked off the strange and disturbing ground tremors. Such a scenario is a strong candidate for explaining the event. Especially considering the absence of any evidence of seismic activity.

At least 35 people in New Jersey, mostly in Cape May, Cumberland, and Ocean counties, reported unusual activity on, a website that monitors earthquakes. A number of people, however, reported the incidents on social media. “What the heck is going on?” asks one commentator.

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There have been reports of “houses trembling and windows rattling,” according to one Facebook post.

The message says, “This is happening everywhere,” and goes on to say that the phenomenon is accompanied by flashing lights.
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As the question puts it, “Is there something natural going on that unites it all?”


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