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‘Queen Elizabeth on Tinder’ and ‘Prince Philip Memes’ Are Slammed by Twitter Users as Disrespectful!

After Prince Philip’s passing, a disrespectful meme circulated on Twitter, prompting backlash from social media users. The death of Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, was announced on Friday (April 9) by Buckingham Palace.
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He was 99 years old. He “died away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle,” the palace said in a statement.
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With a national time of sorrow beginning in the days before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, tributes to him have flooded social media. However, some insensitive memes have also spread widely after the Prince’s passing, and Twitter users are rightly condemning them.

Such As: What Does the “queen on Tinder” Meme Mean?

'Queen Elizabeth on Tinder' and 'Prince Philip Memes' Are Slammed by Twitter Users as Disrespectful!

On Twitter, there’s a meme making fun of how Queen Elizabeth is now a Tinder user, which is a very low blow. The meme has spawned numerous parodies, all of which feature a photo of Queen Elizabeth, the name “Liz” or “Lizzie,” her age, and a brief biography. The joke is that since Prince Philip’s death, she’s newly single and decided to give the dating app a try.

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Users on Twitter Have Dubbed It “insensitive.”

As Queen Elizabeth on Tinder Meme continues to become viral on social media, many users are calling it “hilarious,” but others are speaking out against its insensitivity. Critics on Twitter have accused the meme of being insensitive because it pokes fun at Prince Philip’s tragic passing. Inappropriate memes regarding the Queen have been sent to me on Tinder,” one user tweeted. Extremely rude, in my opinion.

“Recently came across a parody depicting the Queen’s Tinder profile, now that she is officially single. That “some people are true a***holes, aren’t they?” another person chimed in. A third commenter summed it up best: “This is lowest of the low, just when you thought people’s morality can’t get much lower, they transcend all expectations!!”

I’m sick and tired of hearing people make cruel jokes about Prince Philip’s death and the Queen joining Tinder. Her 73-year marriage has ended. Show some deference. Another Twitter user echoed this sentiment, saying, “I can’t image losing the love of my life after so long of being together.”

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Twitter Is Awash in Disrespectful Prince Philip Memes.

'Queen Elizabeth on Tinder' and 'Prince Philip Memes' Are Slammed by Twitter Users as Disrespectful!

Following Prince Philip’s Death, a Number of Memes Have Emerged on Twitter, Including “queen on Tinder.” In Fact, Memes Mocking the Duke of Edinburgh and His Death Are Proliferating on Social Media, and They Are Also Receiving Widespread Criticism. Someone commented, “the amount of Mocking Memes and Awful Comments People Have Made Over Prince Philip’s Passing Makes You Recognize how Disgusting and Rude Some People Are.

It’s Understandable that Some People May Have Issues with The Monarchy, but Making Light of The Deceased Is Just Not Funny. There’s an Appropriate Time for Jokey Memes, and Then There’s Being Downright Insulting. You Don’t Go Around Hurling Insults and Hurrars at Someone’s Death,

Regardless of Whether You’re a Monarchy Person or Like the Royals Not. Show Some Deity Reverence, Already. Another User Said, “#prince Philip Rip.” Someone Else Expressed Shock at The Prevalence of Memes Following Prince Philip’s Death. It’s Disrespectful, Regardless of Whether or Not You Support the Monarchy or Mr.


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