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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsOver 70 Animals, Many of Which Were Dead, Were Found in A...

Over 70 Animals, Many of Which Were Dead, Were Found in A Truck in New Jersey.

After dozens of dead dogs and cats were found in a pickup truck in New Jersey, a case of animal abuse is being looked into.

Investigators say that the animals that were still alive were dirty, but the ones that had died were carefully wrapped and put in cookie tins.

After being saved by Eleventh Hour Rescue, Alvin, Theodore, and Simone really enjoyed basking in the sun on Thursday.

“They don’t have enough friends, but they’re friendly,” said volunteer Jamie Hall.

They were found in a dirty blue truck on Monday afternoon in Hampton Township. It was a scary rescue.

“We saw some dogs in a beat-up truck. Hall said, “It was a clown car.”

Hall talked about the things she saw in that truck.

She said, “There are dogs everywhere, dirty poop, and dead animals.” “It was bad. It had the smell of death.”

In what seemed like an endless process, state police and animal rescue workers used slip leads and bite gloves.

“If you took one out, there would be five more in its place. Hall said, “They were in carriers under the seats and in the back of the truck.”

And things got even worse when they found dead animals that had been carefully wrapped.

“She had whole litters of kittens that she had individually wrapped in newspaper or plastic with tape and written their names and birth dates on. She put them in butter tins and put them in her car, and we found a lot of them,” Hall said.

In the end, 35 animals were saved, and the bodies of 40 others were found. Police say that the woman from Virginia who owned the pickup truck was taken into custody at the scene and charged with animal abuse.

Hall said, “It was planned, and it was scary.”

All of the dogs that were saved are now with animal rescues, and even though they’ve been through a lot, Alvin, Theodore, and Simone are all looking for new homes.

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