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Officials Say a New Jersey Councilwoman Has Been Fatally Shot.

According to officials, Eunice K. Dwumfour, a 30-year-old councilwoman serving her first term in Sayreville, New Jersey, was tragically shot Wednesday night.

Officers of the Sayreville Police Department responded to reports of a shooting in Parlin, an unincorporated neighbourhood of Sayreville, at 7:22 p.m., and discovered Ms. Dwumfour in her vehicle with several gunshot wounds, according to a statement from the Middlesex County prosecutor’s office. She was declared deceased at the scene.

The incident occurred at Camelot at La Mer, a complex of three-story apartment buildings and duplex residences that abuts the Garden State Parkway and is visible from the Jon Bon Jovi rest area. Thursday morning, detectives were examining a neighborhood-accessible wooded slope near a parkway. On Ms. Dwumfour’s street, Check Avenue, the Sayreville police established a command post. Investigators looked to be searching foliage and bushes near the scene of the incident for a weapon.

Ms. Dwumfour was discovered in a white automobile that, according to police officials on the scene, had slid down the steep incline of the avenue before colliding with two cars at the foot of the hill. The authorities have not disclosed whether there is a suspect or provided any information regarding a suspected motive. A probe is now continuing.

Sayreville’s mayor, Victoria Kilpatrick, stated in a statement that “the fact that she was taken from us by a heinous criminal act makes this situation even more heartbreaking.”

New Jersey’s governor, Phil Murphy, stated that he was “stunned” by the “act of gun violence” and that Ms. Dwumfour “had already established a reputation as a dedicated member of the Borough Council who approached her responsibilities with the highest thoroughness and seriousness.”

Sayreville, which has a population of approximately 45,000, lies in Middlesex County, approximately 30 miles south of Manhattan.

Republican Kennedy O’Brien, who served as Sayreville’s mayor for two decades, praised Ms. Dwumfour as the embodiment of the American ideal. He stated that she had Ghanaian ancestry, but that her success story led her from Newark to suburban central New Jersey.

According to him, she stayed engaged in her Newark church and was “very devout.”

She had gotten married shortly after Thanksgiving of last year, as a single mother.

Mr. O’Brien stated, “Self-made, self-motivated, focused, and disciplined.”

He continued, “She had so much to contribute.” It’s simply a tremendous loss.

Retired Sayreville police captain Glenn Skarzynski, who just took over as the borough’s business administrator, stated that the community was stunned by the news.

He stated that Ms. Dwumfour’s life revolved on her church and her teenaged daughter. “Being a Christian took precedence over everything else in her daily life,” he explained.

Alexandra Bryan, a tenant of the apartment building where the shooting occurred, reported hearing what sounded like fireworks at approximately 7 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Twice in quick succession,” Ms. Bryan, age 40, stated. Similar to five seconds apart.

On Thursday morning, she observed two damaged vehicles parked in the area where the incident occurred. Other residents reported that the automobile in which the councilwoman was shot appeared to roll into the parked vehicles.

Ms. Bryan stated, “It’s a beautiful complex.” “Children can play without parental supervision. It is always peaceful. Therefore, it is such a shock to everyone.”

Ms. Dwumfour was elected to the Sayreville Borough Board in 2021 after she and fellow Republican candidate Christian Onuoha ousted two Democratic incumbents from the six-member council. She was serving a term of three years.

Ms. Dwumfour stated on the website of the Sayreville Republican Party that she liked and valued Sayreville and wanted to assist better the lives of its citizens in a campaign statement. She stated, “I am absolutely committed to creating a better, stronger Sayreville, and with your help, we can create a brighter future for our lovely community.”

According to her LinkedIn page, Ms. Dwumfour, a graduate of Newark Public Schools, was a business analyst and a professional scrum master, a type of project manager, with prior experience in both Maryland and Virginia. William Paterson University of New Jersey awarded her a bachelor’s in women’s studies in 2017.

In an interview on Thursday, Karen Bailey Bebert, head of the Sayreville Republican Party and Ms. Dwumfour’s campaign manager, described the councilwoman as a “inspirational woman” who was eager to enter politics at an early age. She overcome obstacles “with determination and a grin,” she remarked.

Ms. Dwumfour “took up the challenge of this leadership role at a young age and provided a tremendous example for others to follow: ‘If you can see me, you can be me,'” said Ms. Bebert.

Tracey Tully is a New Jersey reporter. In 2018, she joined The Times as a senior editor. Prior to joining The Daily News, the Albany Times Union, and the Jersey Journal, she covered city and state government for The Daily News.

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