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NJ’s Bag Ban ‘makes No Sense’? Residents Are Divided About Amending the Law.

Chelsea Maher desires the return of plastic bags at checkout.

“Each time, I must return to my car, retrieve the bags, and return to the store. It is a waste of my time “She commented while placing items in her trunk.

The Freehold mother of two believes that New Jersey’s prohibition on single-use bags “makes no sense” because retailers continue to use plastic bags for produce and meat, and consumers can purchase other types of plastic bags.

New Jersey Is Split on Bag Ban

Plastic Bag Ban
More than half of New Jersey residents are dissatisfied with the state’s current restriction on single-use paper and plastic bags, according to Fairleigh Dickinson University poll results released on Wednesday.

Forty percent of survey respondents support maintaining the current ban in New Jersey. 33% want the rule to be fully overturned, while 26% support a reform of the regulation, which is regarded the strongest bag ban in the country.

“People are still talking over it nine months later,” said Dan Cassino, director of the FDU poll.

Since May, single-use shopping bags are no longer available in large stores.

Advocates anticipate that New Jersey’s law will eliminate the need for around 5 billion plastic bags and 96 million paper bags in businesses by the end of 2022.

“Initially, it was an annoyance. But I eventually adapted to it “Howell’s Dominick Del Bene told New Jersey 101.5. “It appears that I am carrying less luggage. The plastic bags consistently tore.”

Nascir Dotson, a resident of Lakewood, remarked, “It’s a long process… but over time, it does have benefits.”

55% of Republicans, according to the study, are in favour of repealing the bag ban entirely, while only 20% of Democrats are in favour of doing the same. Fifty percent of Democrats and twenty-four percent of Republicans favour maintaining the current prohibition.

Cassino stated, “This is nearly the ideal symbolic issue for New Jersey partisans.” “Democrats might feel as like they are doing something for the environment, while Republicans can feel as though they are being victimised by government overreach. Whether they like the ban or not, everyone benefits from it in some way.”

Too Many Reusables?

Townsquare Media photo

State lawmakers have delayed efforts to amend the bag ban for the time being.

Existing law would let grocery shops to utilise single-use paper bags for delivery and curbside pickup. In addition, grocery retailers and delivery service providers who utilise reusable bags would be required to offer a means for customers to return their bags and a reuse or donation strategy for the bags.

Phil Oaks, a resident of Howell, stated, “If you order delivery, they will bring these bags.” At least in our household, we are at a loss on what to do with them.

The New Jersey Food Council told New Jersey 101.5 in January that it is attempting to devise strategies to combat the proliferation of reusable bags, perhaps by establishing community drop-off locations where individuals can leave their bags to be collected, sanitised, and distributed to those in need.

Mary Cattano, a resident of Howell, has “no problem” with New Jersey’s current restriction on single-use bags, but she does not understand what it accomplishes when reusable bags simply replace them.

She stated, “It’s not truly preventing trash because people still buy bags.” “Because people continue to discard them,”

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