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Unconstitutional Concealed Carry Legislation Passes the New Jersey Senate

On Monday, the New Jersey State Senate passed bill S3214, which its backers claim will create the strictest concealed-carry firearms law in the country.

The bill passed with a narrow 21-16 margin and will likely be signed into law soon by Governor Phil Murphy.

It would require stricter background checks for those seeking handgun permits and make it illegal to carry concealed weapons in twenty different types of public places, including schools, daycare centres, government buildings, and eating establishments. Every single Republican in the Senate voted against it.

Should We Assume It Violates the Constitution?

NJ Senate passes concealed gun bill that’s called unconstitutional

Union Republican state senator Jon Bramnick brought up the fact that a federal judge in New York has already found a comparable bill there is illegal, and that the New Jersey Office of Legislative Services has concluded the legislation may be unlawful as well.

Morris County Republican state senator Tony Bucco argued that the bill’s insistence that people with concealed carry permits obtain an insurance policy that is not currently offered by any insurer demonstrates a lack of common sense.

Gloucester Republican State Senator Ed Durr argued that supporting the bill would be a betrayal of the oath they took to protect the citizens of New Jersey by denying victims of domestic violence the right to self-defense.

Sen. Michael Testa (R-Cape May) argued that trampling the rights of law-abiding gun owners is unimportant compared to other issues facing New Jersey.

Supporters of The Right to Bear Arms Have Threatened To

It’s “a giant middle finger to the U.S. Supreme Court on right-to-carry,” says Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs.
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That’s all it is; it’s in the Constitution; it’s been there for a long time; and it’s the right of every person to protect his or her life outside the home with a handgun.

The state of New Jersey can no longer prevent the issuing of carry permits to law-abiding persons, he added, so legislators have come up with a long list of areas where concealed handguns are not permitted.

An “end run” around the June Supreme Court ruling that granted nationwide concealed carry was being attempted, he claimed. As soon as the governor puts this bill into law, it will be challenged in court and quickly thrown into a heaping blazing ash-pile; this is not a close call.

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Favorable Opinions Regarding Gun Control

The New Jersey Senate “was not swayed by the guns-everywhere agenda and stood up for public safety,” according to Moms Demand Action volunteer Jenifer Berrier Gonzalez. “They voted to prioritise the safety of our communities by keeping guns out of daycare centres, train stations, playgrounds, and bars and restaurants that serve alcohol,” she added.

We appreciate the New Jersey Legislature’s leadership on gun safety and collaboration throughout this process. It is our hope that Governor Phil Murphy would sign this bill into law to protect families across the state from gun violence.

Lauren Knighton, a Moms Demand Action volunteer, is a firm advocate for the bill. She said that “we need actual solutions and genuine action on gun safety” rather than just “thoughts and prayers.”

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Already Rigorous Screening for Firearms

NJ Senate passes concealed gun bill that’s called unconstitutional

The consequences of a criminal attack with a firearm, Bach warned, are swift and deadly, but the right to carry arms affords law-abiding citizens the means to defend themselves and others.

He claimed that in order to carry a firearm, one must go through extensive background checks.

Good guys with guns are part of the solution; therefore, strict background checks are performed on applicants and they must demonstrate their competency with firearms.

According to him, “criminals go somewhere else when they know there might be an armed response to their violent attack” is the concept behind right-to-carry laws.

Additional information about the proposed gun-carrying law
The law would make it so that property owners could only opt out of allowing concealed carry on their premises, rather than in.

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Permit holders would also be required to take a course on gun safety, and new insurance standards for handgun owners would be set at $100,000 per person injured or killed, $300,000 per incident, and $25,000 every piece of property damaged.

The proposed changes would raise the cost of obtaining a FOID card from $2 to $25, and the cost of obtaining a handgun purchase licence from $5 to $50. A concealed handgun licence would cost $200.


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