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New Jersey’s Finest Bagel Shop 2023

In Jersey, I surveyed foodies on Facebook to find out where they got their best bagels.

It’s time to show off the top performers.

When I asked my social media followers where they could get the best bagel, a few astute individuals correctly responded, “New York.”

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It’s not entirely inaccurate that I agree with you.

Happily, New York-style bagels can still be found and enjoyed in Jersey.

In terms of bagel spreads, what are the most well-liked options?
Based on your votes, here are GrubHub’s top five picks.

  • A blueberry (first?! How ridiculous! (Why are blueberries rated higher than other fruits?)
  • Grapes with cinnamon (You guessed that one right. I recommend spreading peanut butter on both sides of a toasted cinnamon raisin bagel and then eating it as it melts. Yum.
  • Everything (This really needs to be higher on the list, maybe even at the top. Trader Joe’s even carries everything bagel seasoning on its own because of how popular the bagel itself is.
  • Asiago (Definitely not the worst bagel ever, but definitely not in the top five.)
  • Rainbow (Slow down.)

Exactly where is my favourite place to go? Egg. It’s best to use an egg bagel when making a sandwich that includes a pork roll, egg, and cheese. Spread some ketchup on it and eat it.

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Nothing personal if your go-to bagel shop didn’t make the cut when you checked the list.

In fact, if you are interested in me trying them out, please contact me.

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