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New Jersey’s Camden County Has Purchased the Development Rights to a Farm to Ensure Its Continued Existence.

New Jersey’s Winslow Township (KYW Newsradio) — Camden County officials have purchased the development rights to a popular farm to protect it from becoming warehouses or new dwellings, as has happened elsewhere on former farmland in New Jersey.

Stella Farms in Winslow Township has been in operation since 1921, and even after the current owners sell, the farm will continue to produce award-winning sweet corn and other products.

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In accordance with the terms of the deal, 55 acres of the land will remain for agricultural use indefinitely.

Barbara Stella, a co-owner, expressed her joy at continuing the 100-year-old tradition of her family’s business.
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Stella explained, “That means my father and I will never be able to turn it into a home development.
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“Coming here is an experience for people and their families,” the owners of the local farmers market said.

“We know we are needed in this community to supply the service of offering fresh fruits and vegetables and you don’t just get that all around in the supermarket, although we do sell to supermarkets, the ShopRites.

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Stella said it’s unfortunate, but understood, that many farmers are cashing out due to the difficulty of farming, but that she herself remains undeterred.

I long to feel the soil beneath my toes. Stella said, “I want to get my hands dirty.

“It’s not a job, I enjoy it,” I told the interviewer. “My brother and I are pushing to continue farming and we will go as long as we are able to.”

County Commissioner Jeff Nash argued that keeping farms like this and the rural lifestyle alive is crucial.

Nash remarked that Winslow Township, like the rest of Camden County, benefits greatly from the county’s rich history, agricultural landscape, and plentiful open space. It’s a boon to real estate prices.

The loss of such a high-quality farm and the open land it affords would be a great tragedy, the author writes.


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