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New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

According to District Attorney Tim Cruz, a 65-year-old man from New Jersey was the victim of the accident that took place outside the Hingham Apple shop on Monday morning. Cruz stated in a news release that Monday’s murder victim was Kevin Bradley.

It was reported that Bradley’s death had been ruled an accident by medical personnel. “Based on our first findings, we know that a male driver in a 2019 Toyota 4Runner slammed into the front glass of the Apple Store.

The release also noted that the driver has not yet been identified. According to the Boston Globe and Boston 25 News, Bradley was a “professional who was onsite supporting recent renovation at the store,” which is what Apple claimed in a statement.

New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

Approximately 17 people were injured and one person was murdered after a dark SUV plowed through the storefront and surrounding area at 10:45 a.m. on Monday, according to Cruz’s account. According to authorities, the truck drove all the way through the store and pinned customers against the walls at both the front and the back.

“We are heartbroken by the untimely loss of a professional who was working onsite to help with the store’s recent construction at Apple Derby Street today.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those on our staff who were hurt as well as our customers and anybody else who was impacted by this awful event.

The company is “doing everything we can to support our team members and customers during this very difficult moment,” a representative said. Dr. Jason Tracy, Chair of Emergency Medicine at South Shore Hospital,

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New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

said the facility called in more surgeons and support staff to treat the 17 people injured in the incident, but that they were prepared to handle the influx of patients due to the time of day and the number of staff members on site.

According to statements made by Cruz during an earlier press conference, neither the driver of the SUV that plowed through the storefront nor anybody else involved in the incident was among the 17 people sent to the hospital.

Cruz had first reported 16 injured, but the hospital has since confirmed that a 17th patient arrived at their doors after having been hurt in the disaster. In a press briefing, hospital officials said that among the injuries were both head traumas and “mangled limbs.”

New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

They added that the casualties included those with chronic conditions who presented unique treatment challenges. Officials also noted that patients were both currently being treated in operating rooms and waiting for such facilities to open.

Tracy praised his team as having done an “amazing” job, adding that he was “beyond proud,” but that nobody wanted this to happen. Officials claimed the hospital activated a MedFlight that was unnecessary. Another hospital doctor explained how they set up a triage station in a nearby restaurant to aid in the immediate care of the casualties.

New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

Several spectators, including off-duty medical workers and the head of the South Shore Hospital, helped treat the injured both inside and outside the Apple shop, according to Cruz, and Hingham Fire Chief Steve Murphy confirmed this.

Cruz stated that authorities are treating the incident as a criminal inquiry, which is now underway. According to the Associated Press, the police were conducting an interview with the male driver of the vehicle.

In addition, authorities claimed the Plymouth County Technical Rescue Team was called to assess the building’s stability and that “at this time there are no worries” about the structure.
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New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

An automobile crashed through the front window of an Apple Store in a Hingham commercial center at about 10:45 a.m. on Monday, prompting many 911 calls. It was unclear how fast the car’s driver was going.

Between a Brandy Melville clothing store and Burton’s Grille, on the far right side of the plaza, is where you’ll find the Apple store. The Hanover Fire Department initially reported on Facebook that the accident had occurred on Derby St. shortly before 11 a.m.

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New Jersey Man Murdered in Apple Store Accident in Massachusetts!

on Monday, leaving several people injured and trapped. The police agency posted a picture of the damage, which showed a huge gaping hole in the Apple store’s glass facade. We may be compensated if you sign up for or buy something from a third-party service after clicking on a link on our site.


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