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Nayte and Michelle Break Up:What Happened to Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya?

To address a video circulating online showing her without her engagement ring, the ex-Bachelorette who got engaged to fellow candidate Nate Olukoya on the ABC dating show’s season 18 finale. After receiving “so many” comments from fans wondering if she and Nayte were still dating, the 28-year-old took to Instagram Stories on May 30 to set the record straight.

This weekend, I was seen on a rooftop without my engagement ring,” she said in a video message. To the individual who caught that moment, I must remark that you also had to have been paying close enough attention to see one of my friends briefly remove my engagement ring to try it on and then set it back on my finger.” She went on, saying That Nayte and I are not zoo animals is just a pleasant reminder,” says Nayte.


Michelle-Young-and-Nayte-Olukoya breakup

According to Michelle, being videotaped without her permission was “weird,” and she said, “It’s not cool.”Nayte, for his part, dismissed rumors of a breakup in a video of his own making. Since tales of turmoil in paradise began to spread, the Canadian sales professional remarked on TikTok that “90% of my DMs” have been concerning Michelle.

“Michelle is nowhere to be found. What happened to her? What’s keeping you away from her? “A video he made appeared to spoof some of the negative feedback he’s received. “In other words, where exactly is she? Nayte, where’s Michelle?”

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Their Engagement.

mivhelle young and nayte olukoya

Michelle and Nayte have been leaning on one another since their engagement as they navigate life in the spotlight. On E! News in February, Michelle told the network that their relationship was “very good” because “I feel like we both understand what each other is going through, having this immediate stardom kind of circumstance.”

And so does her love. It was Nayte’s turn to talk about fame’s pressures “People are free to express themselves in any way they choose. In the midst of this, we’re making the most of the time we’ve had. It doesn’t bother us at all.”
First Encounter.

First Date.

relationship timeline

The first impression rose and the first kiss of the 18th season was awarded to the Canadian native at the beginning of Michelle’s Bachelorette adventure. “I’m not a smooth individual,” Nayte said on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast in October 2021, when he revealed that he hadn’t expected to achieve both goals. Despite the fact that he wasn’t “expecting” a kiss so soon, the competitor described the experience as “ever pleasant.”

A Long-Term Relationship.

first date of michelle young and nayte

“when Michelle Asked Me Whether There’s a Difference Between Falling in Love with Someone and Becoming Engaged, What I Was Trying to Convey at That Moment Was, ‘i Don’t Have All the Answers.'” Nayte Responded on The “click Bait” Podcast in December 2021, Putting the Record Straight. What Would Our Lives Be Like if We Were to Escape This Bubble? ‘”

He Went on To Say: “nothing Else Mattered to Me; I Just Trusted Myself Enough to Believe that I Was Falling in Love with You and That I Really Wanted to Spend My Life with You. and I’m Not the Only One Who Doesn’t Know Everything… There Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Response that I Can Give You.”

Nayte is Dating Someone.

now both are together

Michelle, on The Other Hand, Argued that Nayte Was More than What People Initially Saw. Just Getting out Of the Limousine, Nayte Was Just Incredibly Confident—but Not Overconfident. During Her Season, She Told Us Weekly, “He Was Still Nervous.” “it Was the Same for Me. Every episode, I’ve Had a Blast Discovering New Facets of Him as I’ve Peeled Back the Numerous Layers that Have Built-up Over the Course of The Season.

In February 2022, Nayte Disclosed Exclusively to Us that He Had Not yet Relocated to Minnesota. “we’re Doing Our Best to Be as Clever as We Can Be. We’re Taking a Look at Various Alternatives. when It Comes to Making Judgments, “we Prefer to Make Sure that We’re Always Making Very Measured Decisions, We’re Always Looking at All of Our Possibilities,” He Said. “yeah, That’s For Sure.”

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Their Wedding Plans.

wedding plans

Nayte Stated that They “didn’t Put a Deadline” on Their Wedding Plans. There Are “so Many Friends, Family and Just People that We Would Want to Be a Part of That Day,” Michelle Said. “a Pandemic Wedding Is Not Something that We’re Really Thinking Of.” “we Were Really Talking About the [summer] season,” She Continued.

To Keep in Touch when We Can’t Meet in Person, We Use Texting or Face Timing.
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Michelle Revealed to Us Exclusively in April 2022 that The Two of Them Often Had “movie Nights” Through FaceTime or Zoom. “we’ve Been Able to Get It to Work,” He Says. There Are Some Positives, Though, as He Has Been in The State for Some Time Now.

Even Their Dogs Are Growing Used to Each Other, Which Is a Good Sign. as For Her Dogs, She Said, “they’re Getting Used to Each Other.” Getting Acclimated to Each Other Took a Little Time for Both of Them.
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(his Pet) Percy Wasn’t a Favorite of [my Dog] Chiefs. Percy, in My Opinion, Is Overly Enthusiastic. It’s Been Lovely to See as They Become Acquainted with Each Other and Begin to Bond, Snuggle, and Play with Each Other.”


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