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HomenewsMuslim Ladies Are Aware that Andrew Tate Is Incompatible with Islam!

Muslim Ladies Are Aware that Andrew Tate Is Incompatible with Islam!

The news of Andrew Tate’s Islamization caused social media to go into a frenzy last week.
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I suppose it’s time for me to put out a disclaimer. Yes, I am a feminist and a Muslim. Seeing Tate in prayer next to his close buddy Tam Khan prompted me to immediately create a blog post detailing my fears about Tate’s apparent conversion.

I Requested Tate to Publicly Renounce His Beliefs

I requested Tate to publicly renounce his beliefs that women are to blame when they are the victims of sexual assault, that they should not be allowed to drive, and that he prefers to date youngsters between the ages of 18 and 19 so that he may “make an impression” on them.

Muslim Ladies Are Aware that Andrew Tate Is Incompatible with Islam!

He has reportedly bragged about physically assaulting and choking women, as well as trashing their property and insulting them with words like “hoe.” Still, his new Muslim brothers kept pleading with us to accept him despite all this evidence to the contrary.
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They’ve Been Flooding My Twitter Feed for The Past Four Days with Comments

Tate’s fanboys’ hypocrisy has been shocking. They’ve been flooding my Twitter feed for the past four days with comments, during which they’ve called me anything from a “Kafir” (non-Muslim) to “a (triggered) liberal feminist,” and they’ve even asked about my religious affiliation (“are you Ahmaddiya? “).

They insisted that I dress in accordance with Islamic dress codes, which is funny given that Tate’s current profile picture features him in a pair of revealing shorts.

Muslim Ladies Are Aware that Andrew Tate Is Incompatible with Islam!

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As a Muslim woman, it is difficult to watch a figure as divisive as Tate become the new favorite of my Muslim community. What happened to responsibility? Ensure the safety of our young, impressionable ladies as well as our males. This online mob seems determined to support a man who has a track record of sexism, which begs the question: why? While he may have converted to Islam, that does not mean he is now free of his past.

Ensure the Safety of Our Young, Impressionable Ladies as Well as Our Males

When it comes to toxic masculinity and sexism, Tate is not to blame. There has been a double standard between men and women for decades, long before Tate opened his webcam business in Romania or his $49-a-month Hustler’s University to teach young men how to become wealthy.

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The Observer claims that it was these fans that helped spread Tate’s ideas to a wider audience on TikTok by “blatantly manipulating the algorithm” to boost his popularity. What this kind of adoration for someone like Tate reveals is how much more we, as a Muslim community, have to accomplish. Are we so in need of admirers that we can’t even make our own brothers answer for their actions?


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