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HomenewsMceachin's Ally in Virginia Legislature Introduces Anti-cancer Bill

Mceachin’s Ally in Virginia Legislature Introduces Anti-cancer Bill

Democratic delegate for Richmond, Del. Delores McQuinn, has introduced a bill to help people cope with difficulties they may encounter prior to a cancer diagnosis.

McQuinn recently sponsored Bill 2356, which would mandate health insurance to fund colorectal screening without copayments or deductibles. McQuinn was a longtime friend of Congressman Don McEachin, who died of cancer on November 28 at the age of 61.

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Even if someone has already performed a preliminary screening at home using Colo-Guard, an over-the-counter test, they should still have an outpatient colonoscopy.

As proposed by the bill, insurance plans would be required to pay for any and all colon cancer screenings, including colonoscopies, that reduce the risk of the disease.

The measure stipulates that a colonoscopy done after the initial screening is required before insurance coverage may be considered finalised.

Originally presented by McEachin, the bill is part of an effort by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in Virginia to have health insurance pay for all preventative screening for colorectal cancer.

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McEachin had attended at a Richmond showing of “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” two weeks before his murder, telling the audience, “Don’t screw around. Please don’t make the same mistakes I did. Obtain medical attention immediately.

According to McEachin, he might have avoided the medication that cured the sickness but left him with side effects that his wife claims first started showing up soon after he was first elected to Congress.

At a meeting of the General Assembly “Cancer Caucus” on January 20, Colette McEachin, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the city of Richmond, announced that her husband, McEachin, had been cured of cancer.

Ellen Campbell, R-Rockbridge, accompanied her husband, Del. Ronnie Campbell, to the meeting. Sadly, R-Rockbridge too succumbed to cancer just two weeks following McEachin’s passing.

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Campbell’s widow was just chosen to take over her late husband’s position in Congress. They went to the g

athering to raise awareness about cancer prevention and treatment in their husbands’ names.

He did not pass away from cancer, McEachin’s wife stated at the gathering. “He passed away as a result of all the restorative measures taken to cure the cancer: the radiation, the operations, the meds, the treatment… Although cancer is fatal, if detected and treated early enough, it is curable.

What got him through his illness, she claimed, was his job. His career was his compass while he fought.

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