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Machines Stocked with Cake Boss Treats Have Been Installed in Rest Areas in New Jersey

Previously, I updated readers on Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s hand injury, which he sustained in a freak accident. When the bowling alley equipment in his house jammed and he attempted to clear it himself, he suffered what is known as a crinjury (cringe injury). The Hoboken celebrity baker went through hell after he impaled his hand on a sharp object.

If that didn’t make you hungry for something sweet from Carlo’s Bakery, the shop Valastro owns and made famous on the show, we have some bad news. Multiple rest areas in New Jersey now offer snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth on the road.

Cake Boss vending machines are now at NJ rest stops

Yes, you can buy prepackaged portions of Buddy Valastro’s cakes from a vending machine named after him. It is likely you won’t miss it because it is much bigger than a standard vending machine. They’re massive, bright red, and adorned with a decorative awning, all while hawking cakes “Hoboken style, baby!”

When you follow the steps, you’ll even hear Buddy Valastro’s voice. He says in a recorded message, “Your cake is coming right up,” but then he asks, “Who wants cake?”

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Not everyone can afford one. Pricing at $10 per serving. Is the price justified? It’s Carlo’s, so of course it is. Rest areas along New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway have begun installing the machines. At mile 124, you’ll find the Jon Bon Jovi Service Area (formerly the Cheesequake stop), and in Woodbridge, you’ll find the Thomas Edison Service Area.

This is not unique to the Garden State. Machines dispense cakes from Cake Boss in other cities, including Las Vegas and even Canada. An example is shown below.

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Mmmmm. Isn’t it a wonderful sight to behold? Now, I’m sure the quality isn’t quite as high as if you bought them straight from Carlo’s counter, since they’re packaged and served from a vending machine. However, I am willing to bet that it will be superior to the vast majority of roadside cakes.

Cake Boss vending machines are now at NJ rest stops

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