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Lance Reddick and the Resident Evil Boss Explain How Albert Wesker is Still Alive

The Resident Evil series, which debuted all eight episodes on Netflix on Thursday, revolves around Dr. Albert Wesker’s development of a pharmaceutical treatment containing the T-virus and the cataclysmic aftermath it causes 14 years later.
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The only problem is that Wesker died in 2009 following a struggle that resulted in his falling into a volcano and getting hit by an explosion on top of that.

A flashback in Episode 7 from 2005 explains how Wesker appears in the series despite his fiery demise. The evil scientist cloned himself in a bunker in the Arklay mountains, giving birth to Albert, Bert, and Alby, who are much gentler copies of him. But when Umbrella Corporation CEO Evelyn interrupts his experiment with her soldiers, Wesker tries to destroy the evidence before escaping, murdering unfortunate Alby in the process.

According to Lance Reddick, who plays Wesker, Albert in the episode is “a clone of the Wesker that perished in the volcano.” In the flashback, the frightening, sunglasses-wearing guy in the black trench coat is the actual Wesker, who is “still alive [at this point] in a bunker with his clones that he’s produced.”

Netflix's Resident Evil Series: How Albert Wesker's Convoluted History Fits  In

“He reasoned, ‘If I’m good, more of me is better.’ “I could make more scientific advances faster,” argues Reddick. “He doesn’t want to improve the world; he wants to rule it.” “The guy is a total megalomaniac and sociopath.”

The choice to employ clones to bring Wesker back was simple for showrunner Andrew Dabb.

“Clones have always played a role in Resident Evil.

Dabb tells TVLine, “It simply became extremely evident in a variety of different ways.” “Number one, it’s a means to bring Albert back, but a somewhat different Albert than the one we met previously.” The second point is that this program is very much about parents and children, whether it’s Albert and his daughters or Jade and her kid, but also the original Wesker and his children since he raised them.

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Twins When Bert pretends to be their father Albert and becomes particularly aggressive over Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks, Jade and Billie are startled. They quickly discover that their father is not who they believed he was.

Netflix's Resident Evil Series: How Albert Wesker's Convoluted History Fits  In

“They now know who he is,” Dabb observes, “and if you walk out like, ‘Oh my god, my dad was this dreadful man,’ they would believe you.” My father was Hitler, and I am a Hitler clone. ‘What exactly does that make me?’ That’s something I believe [Billie and Jade] are dealing with as well. Someone like Albert might say that he is nothing like his father. But as the program progresses, you realize he’s more like his father than we anticipated.”


After Billie is shown to be afflicted with the T-virus, Albert sacrifices himself by setting off an explosion at the Umbrella lab to enable his daughters to escape. That leaves Bert, who is seen driving away with Billie and Jade in 2022, as the final known clone.


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