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Kelsey Darragh Breakup? After Dating for Five Years, Kelsey and Jared Lucas Broke Up!

Ex-boyfriend Jared Lucas and Kelsey Darragh’s relationship are discussed, including the factors that led to the termination of their engagement. Kelsey Darragh and Jared Lucas split up after dating for five years. She posted a video on her channel informing viewers of the news.

As an American video producer, actor, and partner in the production team at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, Kelsey has profited from the industry’s fascination with the field’s reputation as one of the most interesting in the entertainment industry.
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Who Are Darragh and Jared Lucas?

Kelsey Darragh Breakup?

In part, Darragh’s success as a comedian and YouTube star can be attributed to her starring role in the hit web series Harder Than It Looks. She has worked tirelessly both in front of and behind the camera, and it is paying off as she gains popularity on a variety of online video platforms.

Instead, Jared Lucas, as Kap Slap, was born on October 4, 1989, in Lexington, Massachusetts. He and his family all hail from Massachusetts, where he was raised. Music was always something that interested him when he was a kid. Just after learning that his younger sister had cerebral palsy, he lost his mother to breast cancer.

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Kelsey Darragh’s Ex-Relationship with Jared Lucas?

Kelsey Darragh Breakup?

Kelsey Darragh and her ex-boyfriend, Jared Lucas, broke up after a five-year relationship. Despite not disclosing the reason for the split, she did share a video explaining what happened. The handsome Floridian was seeing Jared Lucas, better known as “Kap Slap,” a DJ and co-producer. After the video’s producer revealed she was in a serious relationship on camera, speculation arose that the two had been dating seriously.

The producer tweeted in April 2018 that she suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia, a condition she says can cause panic attacks. She also mentioned that her lover should pay attention to the following points in order to help her manage the condition. Many of their followers identified strongly with them as a couple. Kelsey said it was wonderful to feel the love of others for them as a pair. They have been praised for using their influence for good. More importantly, these couples represented the ideal for many.

Confirmed Their Breakup Is Official?

Kelsey Darragh Breakup?

As I Reflect on This Last Year, the End of My Long-Term Relationship Is All that Keeps Coming to Mind. It Seems Like a Whole Year Has Passed when The Changes Began that Precipitated the Drama and The Attempts to Rescue It, the Separation and The Subsequent Mourning, and The Subsequent Departure.

I Haven’t Been Able to Identify Any Positives in My Work This Year. Following Their Breakup, Darragh Posted the Following Tweet: Would You Say This Is Typical? how Can I Shift My Perspective and Remind Myself that This Year Was Also Very Good for Me? I’m Having a Hard Time Believing that I’ve “kept Up” with My Contemporaries.

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What Reason Did Jared Lucas and Kelsey Darragh Break Up?

Kelsey Darragh Breakup?

There Is Widespread Speculation that Jared Lucas‘s Cheating Contributed to His and Kelsey Darragh’s Breakup. Kelsey Darragh Has a Video on YouTube with The Title “we Parted Up” from Around a Month Ago. Starting with A Deep Breath, the Description Read. Close Friends, You Might Want to Sit Down for This One Because It’s a Little out Of the Ordinary.

Thanks for All Your Support Over the Past Five Years. This Has Been Quite the Roller Coaster, and I’m Hoping This Episode Will Explain What’s Been Going On, how I’ve Been Improving, and How I’ve Learned to Be Alright with Not Being Okay. I Love You All so Very Much.


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