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An Ex-Star Believes Kadary Richmond May Be the ‘alpha Male’ that Seton Hall Sorely Needs

Jared Rhoden, a former star for the Pirates, says that Kadary Richmond, a quiet guy who isn’t much of a talker, has the potential to be the “alpha male” on the Seton Hall basketball team.

The 6’6″ native of Brooklyn is averaging 22.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 5.0 assists in his team’s last two games. In order to have any chance of winning Tuesday night at Marquette, Seton Hall (7-6, 0-2) needs Richmond to maintain that kind of performance (8 p.m., FS1).

He watches as many Seton Hall games as he can while playing for the Atlanta Hawks’ G League affiliate, and Rhoden told NJ Advance Media, “He’s been doing very well, I just think he has to remain aggressive.

Kadary Richmond can be the ‘alpha male’ Seton Hall desperately needs, former star says

” What’s most important is that he knows he can do it every game. Although he has shown flashes of leadership in the past, coach X believes that “if he continues to be aggressive, he can be that alpha male for the team.”

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Find the top New Jersey sports betting sites here. After spending his first two years at Syracuse as a point guard, Rhoden made his way to Richmond for his third. Rhoden served as the team’s “alpha male,” but other scoring threats such as Myles Cale and Bryce Aiken helped out, too. Last year, the Pirates put up 72 points per contest on average.

Seton Hall is currently averaging 68.6 points per game, which is bad enough to rank last in the Big East. Top scorer Al-Amir Dawes averages 10.9 points per game but is primarily a 3-point specialist.

Second-place Tyrese Samuel (10.2 ppg) disappears offensively for long stretches when he’s in foul trouble, however. Third on the team in scoring average is Louisville transfer Dre Davis (9.7), who must also be a reliable scoring threat if the Pirates are to have any success in the Big East.

Even though they rank fourth in scoring at 9.7, Richmond is coming off two straight losses in which they scored a combined 28 points against Providence and 17 points against Xavier.

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Richmond, in his usual terse manner, said after the Providence game, “It’s a team effort so I can’t really be too high or too low.” I need to keep my cool and contribute to my team in all aspects, not just on the court.

While Rhoden is aware that Richmond is reserved in conversation, he is confident in his ability to prevail. In the previous season’s game against UConn, he watched as Richmond scored 27 points by driving to the basket.

Kadary Richmond can be the ‘alpha male’ Seton Hall desperately needs, former star says

“Yeah, he’s pretty quiet, but he loves the game,” Rhoden said of the young man. “He’s a passive, chill dude, but he loves the game, so I think sooner rather than later that light is going to click in his head and he’s just going to realise how dominant he can be,” said his coach.

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