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Justin Trudeau Canada Firearms Announcement : Trudeau of Canada Wants a Handgun Ban as Part of A New Gun Control Package!

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unveiled new legislation that, according to his administration, would implement “some of the harshest gun control measures” in decades, including a “freeze” on the country’s handgun purchases and sales.

Trudeau cited a succession of mass shootings in Canada over the years, as well as recent assaults in the United States, as part of his government’s motivation to propose Bill C-21 during a press conference in Ottawa on Monday evening.

It’s No Surprise that The Gun Issue Has Become so Divided.

“We all agree that there should be less gun violence in Canada.” We must not allow the gun discussion to get so polarized that nothing is accomplished.

canada firearms announcement

“In our nation, we cannot allow that to happen,” Trudeau told reporters. “Gun violence is a complicated issue, but the math is really fairly straightforward at the end of the day.” Everyone would be safer if there are fewer firearms in our community.”

Although Canada has tighter gun ownership laws than the United States, gun control supporters have campaigned for harsher regulations in recent years in the wake of a number of mass shootings, including a 2017 attack on a Quebec mosque that killed six worshipers and a fatal shooting in Toronto in 2018.

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Gun Control Plan Proposed by His Administration.

As part of a tough gun control plan proposed by his administration on Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a measure to restrict the sale and transfer of handguns in the nation.

canada to freeze purchases

The plan also includes a new red flag rule that would empower a court to restrict persons regarded as a danger from possessing weapons,

as well as allow the government to revoke firearms permits for those who commit domestic violence or criminal harassment. In a statement, Trudeau said, “One Canadian slain by gun violence is one too many.”

He stated, “I’ve experienced firsthand the sad cost of gun violence in our communities around the nation.” “Today, we’re proposing some of the toughest gun-control measures in Canadian history in order to keep weapons out of our communities and create a safer future for everybody.”

The Handgun Freeze.

The handgun freeze, according to Trudeau’s office, would restrict anyone from bringing freshly obtained handguns into the nation, as well as purchasing, selling, or transferring them.

debate of the gun control

In 2020, Canada reported 1.1 million registered handguns, up 71 percent from 10 years before. In Canada, unlike the United States, there is no constitutional protection for gun ownership.

Trudeau has been working to tighten gun laws for years, but his new promise comes less than a week after a horrific shooting in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and two instructors.

The US Has Approved Gun Control Laws.

The massacre has revived a political struggle over gun control legislation in the United States. President Biden remarked on Monday that he “can’t dictate” gun legislation and that Congress must act in addition to his unilateral efforts.

The US Has Approved Gun Control Laws

Senators from both parties have started meeting to try to find common ground on gun control, with an emphasis on red flag legislation and background checks.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), the Democratic leader in the talks, said he’ll know if Republicans are serious about change next week. Top US officials will meet with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. According to Biden, the US is not seeking Putin’s removal.

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Illegal Guns are Smuggled Across Borders.

Following a major shooting in Nova Scotia in 2020 that left 23 people dead, Trudeau stated that assault-style rifles will be banned in Canada.

Illegal Guns are Smuggled Across Borders

Canada will soon launch a buyback scheme, according to Trudeau’s office, that would provide “fair recompense” to gun owners.

“We made a promise to Canadians that we would address gun violence,” said Marco Mendicino, Canada’s public safety minister. “Today’s legislation is part of our comprehensive strategy to promote safe and responsible gun laws, invest in law enforcement to combat organized crime and illegal gun smuggling at the border, and invest in communities to address root causes and prevent gun crime from occurring in the first place,” says the senator.

Trudeau also declared that his administration will prohibit the sale and transfer of large-capacity magazines and that long-gun magazines would be permanently modified to carry no more than five rounds.


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