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Investigators Reveal the Name of The Person Who Died in A Cold Case in Staten Island

Investigators are reopening a cold case that happened on Staten Island more than 31 years ago.

On Tuesday, the name of the woman who was brutally killed in 1991 was released by the police. They said that she is Christine Belusko from Morris County, New Jersey.

In a wooded area on Seaview Avenue, she was beaten, strangled, and set on fire. Until now, when forensic genealogy was used, investigators had never been able to figure out who she was. Now, they want to find her 2-year-old daughter, Christa Nicole. When Belusko died, Christa Nicole was only 2 years old.

“Now is the time to ask for help from the public. We have pretty much tried everything we can think of to find people who know Christa Nicole and any other clues that might help us solve the crime “said Michael McMahon, the prosecutor for Staten Island.

At this point, the daughter would be in her 30s. If you know something, you should call the police.

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