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HomenewsIn Southern California, the Cold Has Raised Concerns for the Homeless Population

In Southern California, the Cold Has Raised Concerns for the Homeless Population

Advocates are concerned for the well-being of the homeless population in Southern California as a new weather system brings colder temperatures, rain, and snow to the region.

Concerned citizens are collecting warm clothing and blankets to distribute to the homeless. According to some, there is not enough space in the available shelters to accommodate everyone in need.

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Glennie Wilburn, a volunteer at Lancaster United Methodist Church who helps serve meals to the homeless, expressed the wish that more could be done. All efforts are being made.
Some of the homeless have reported seeing acquaintances perish in the Antelope Valley’s severe climate.

Robert Hull, a homeless man, remarked, “It’s been rough out here.” People I care about frequently lose their lives because of how tough it is.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count statistics show that the number of homeless people living in Antelope Valley fell slightly to 4,598.

Despite this, the Antelope Valley’s homeless population increased by 44% from 2019 to 2020, with 4,755 people counted.

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The homeless say there is not enough shelter space in the Area for those who desperately need to be dry and warm, even if their numbers were to drop slightly.
It takes time to get into the shelter, therefore there is a waiting list, Hull added.

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