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In New Jersey Tornado Touchdown Has Been Confirmed: During Storms on Friday Injuring 44 Others, Trail of Damage!

Officials said the tornado hit the tiny town of Gaylord at 3 p.m., leaving a ‘catastrophic’ trail of damage.
According to Munson Healthcare spokesperson Brian Lawson, the mortality was confirmed Friday night after 23 wounded patients were transported to Otsego Memorial Hospital and 12 to Grayling Hospital. He informed CNN that another eight victims were being treated at different facilities.

According to Fox 17, officials have not disclosed any information about how the individual was murdered or the severity of the injuries sustained by others.
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Following the first tornado hit, Lawson did add that “things have steadied a little.”
Images revealed how the violent storms with isolated tornadoes uprooted trees and power lines and left houses and businesses damaged.

Following the tornado, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a state of emergency for Otsego County last night. “Michiganders are hardy people.” We are tenacious. We will reconstruct in every way necessary. “There is no obstacle we can’t overcome together,” Whitmer stated.

Furthermore, authorities said the city will be under curfew until 8 a.m. Saturday. According to accounts, Gaylord is without electricity and the local hospital is beyond capacity.
“It is a bustling downtown area, and it ran right through it,” Lieutenant Jim Gorno of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources told CNN.

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Several houses and businesses have been damaged.

“It’s not something we’re accustomed to up here,” he continued. “Unlike other sections of the nation, we don’t have sirens.” “Trees and electrical wires obstructing highways,” the Michigan State Police tweeted to citizens. Several houses and businesses have been damaged.


“Stay away from the Gaylord area. Emergency teams are on the way.” Those wounded in the storm were also being brought to nearby hospitals, according to state police.

As news of the storm spread, Whitmer issued the first response through Twitter. “My heart breaks for the people and small businesses in Gaylord who have been touched by the storm and extreme weather,” she wrote.

“To the Gaylord community as a whole, Michigan stands with you. We will reconstruct in whatever way necessary.” Meanwhile, severe storms raced over the Cherry Hill neighborhood of New Jersey, leaving ping-pong and avocado-sized hail.

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Managing downed cables and poles.

New Jersey’s Hazlet Township is dealing with downed wires and poles. “Traffic lights are down along Highway 35 at the crossroads of Hazlet Ave. and Holmdel Rd. According to a tweet from the Hazlet Police Department, “we are also aware of wires/poles down in the Raritan Valley area and down Beers St.”

Tornado Touchdown Confirmed Storms

Earlier on Friday, the Mount Holly National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Central Ocean County in southern New Jersey. Up to 60 miles per hour winds were predicted.

As violent storms rolled across the region on Friday afternoon, residents uploaded photographs of large ping-pong and avocado-sized hail that dropped. Chip Murphy, a Twitter user, described the storm as “powerful.”


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