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Hilarious “How Long Do Idiots Live” Joke Entertains Tiktok!

In recent years, a new genre of internet meme has emerged in which users are urged to Google a question in order to find the answer. Usually, this is because the response is something really funny, shocking, or out of the blue.

Some popular ones have been ‘why were Graham crackers invented?’ and “where is the coldest place in the universe?” In the year 2022, a brand new one has gone viral, much to the delight of TikTok lovers everywhere.

Idiots: How Long Do They Live? Humor Spreads Fast

Hilarious "How Long Do Idiots Live" Joke Entertains Tiktok!

The Search for The Answer to The Question “How Long Do Idiots Live?” Is the Latest Trend to Sweep Tik Tok? It’s Funny Because It’s Something You Never Even Considered. If You Type the Odd Question Into Google, You’ll Get an Equally Offbeat Response. Back in 2021, This Meme Went Viral, but In February of 2022, It’s Back and Riding the Wave of A New Fad.

That’s how Long They Can Actually Live, It Seems. If You Google Your Query, You’ll Find a Detailed Response. Idiots, It Seems, Have an Exact Lifespan of 12–15 Years, According to Google. As a result, by The Time People Reach Adulthood, the World Is Completely Devoid of Idiots.

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The Wishful Thinking Continues:

Hilarious "How Long Do Idiots Live" Joke Entertains Tiktok!

The “I’ll Never Forget You” Phenomenon Becomes All the Rage.TikTok Users in The Millennial Generation Have Started a New Fad Based on The “how Long Do Fools Live?” Joke. Sending the Words “I’ll Never Forget You” to A Person You Think Is an “idiot” Who Is Between the Ages of 12 and 15 Is Part of This Trend.

According to Google, Idiots Have a Lifespan of 12–15 Years, Hence the Challenge Implies that The Person Is Doomed at That Time. You Supplement the Writing with Zara Larsson and Mnek’s Never Forget You. Tik Tok’s Trending Videos Become Increasingly Outlandish on A Daily Basis.

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