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Hey, Nj: I Pray You Find Gratitude in Having Opossums About Your Home.

Although they look terrifying, they’re actually quite adorable. It wasn’t until I read a Facebook post on Jersey’s most dreaded “pests,” the opossum, that I learned the truth.

Whenever people see something resembling a huge rat in their yards, they typically react with fear due to concerns that the animal might be infected with rabies.

I recently learned that in the United States, opossums hardly seldom harbour the virus. That runs counter to everything I’ve ever believed about them, but the CDC backs up your claim.

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Opossums are thought to have a low body temperature, making them less susceptible to rabies. That makes it difficult for the infection to progress. Knowledge is power, after all.

They are not particularly violent mammals, Jersey. When confronted, they typically “play dead” and refrain from attacking. If your cats live outside, you don’t have anything to worry about.

When your dog makes them feel threatened to the point where they believe they have to defend themselves, you may see them act out. However, numerous experts in the field of animal management have confirmed that such a response is extremely uncommon.

Opossums, in general, are effective natural pesticides. Their diet consists primarily of insects, mice, and other pests that can become a nuisance at various times of the year. However, if you have hens, you should be wary of opossums. In fact, nothing makes them happier than a plate of chicken.

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If you live in New Jersey and spot an opossum in your yard, there’s no reason to panic. They haven’t been exposed to rabies, so relax.

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