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Governor of Utah to Californians: Stay in California

Governor Spencer Cox had a message for Californians considering moving to Utah: Remain in California.

Cox and Democratic New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy fielded questions from media outside the White House on Friday, following a meeting of governors with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other senior administration officials. Murphy is the chairman of the National Governors Association, while Cox serves as vice chairman.

The first issue concerned “population migration,” namely what New Jersey is doing to keep inhabitants and what Utah is doing to recruit them.

Murphy stated that New Jersey has “never been hotter” and that the state has invested a significant amount of money and effort to make it an affordable location for families to live.

“We have the opposite problem,” Cox said, noting that the most recent census maintained Utah’s status as the nation’s fastest-growing state over the past decade.

“Our greatest challenges are primarily growth-related. We would prefer that folks remain in California rather than seeking refuge in Utah.”

According to Cox, Utah’s major issues are housing and water.

He stated, “This is where our attention lies.” “We are not attempting to recruit additional individuals. We’re doing rather well as it is.”

Later in the press conference, a reporter questioned Cox what he meant when he stated that Californians should remain in their home state.

“What I mean is that many California residents have relocated to our state. Growth is currently our greatest concern. We would thus like to see California reduce its taxes and regulations. “I believe that would be beneficial,” stated Cox.

The nation’s governors discussed economic challenges, infrastructure investment, immigration, energy, and fentanyl at their meeting with the Biden administration.

Murphy stated, “We like to believe that the National Governors Association is a beacon of bipartisan reality, a group that attempts to establish common ground.”

Cox termed the gathering “fantastic.” According to him, Americans are ravenous for bipartisanship.
Murphy and Cox published a statement earlier this week encouraging Congress and the administration to assure a bipartisan solution to increase or suspend the debt ceiling as quickly as feasible and to discuss long-term changes to lower the national debt and put the nation on a more sustainable economic footing.

Murphy stated that the governors did not discuss the subject in detail, but that he left the meeting optimistic. He expressed confidence that reasonable negotiations will be held to safeguard Social Security, Medicare, and the national defence.

“I left with a more positive outlook, not because of specifics, but because of a willingness to engage in these discussions and negotiations. “I am relieved that the president appeared to be a willing participant,” he remarked.
Immigration was also discussed at the meeting. Murphy stated that the panel did not reach a decision, but emphasised Cox’s observation that “we are all border states right now.”

Murphy stated that there was no breaking news, but that the meeting was open and productive.

Cox reported that they conversed at length on guarding the border in terms of the flow of immigrants and fentanyl, as well as what could be done to improve legal immigration.

According to him, Biden also discussed the necessity for seasonal and farm labourers as well as those with doctoral degrees. Cox stated, “I believe there is some bipartisan consensus on it.”

In addition to attending meetings of the National Governors Association in Washington, Cox attended the State of the Union as the guest of Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee.

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