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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsFrom the District of Columbia to Warren County, Revitalising the Culture of...

From the District of Columbia to Warren County, Revitalising the Culture of Black Farming

North Carolina has a rich history of Black farmers, but that population is rapidly declining along with that of Black farmers nationwide. It’s partly due to the racism that still exists in our society.

There is a new push in both Washington and our home state of North Carolina to halt this downward trend. A local farmer is trying to spark the interest of the next generation in farming by advocating for the Justice for Black Farmers Act, which was just introduced in Congress.

Demetrius Hunter seeks to rekindle the Black farming movement in Warren County, located fifty-one miles outside of Raleigh.

“In this spot, you’ll find excellent dirt. Neither pesticides nor other chemical sprays are used “Hunter said while standing in the midst of Norlina acres that have been in his wife’s family for four generations. The pair have dubbed their farm Soul City Farm.

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There used to be a lot more cows and pigs in the area. In addition to watermelons, the family grew tobacco. But, the harvests failed, just as they had for so many Black farmers.

African farmers possessed 37 million acres of land in the United States in 1930. At the current rate, only 5% of farmland in the country is farmed.

In a state with over 46,000 farms, just around 1.5% are owned by African Americans.

Hunter is a representation of the next generation of farmers.

This is because “we want to make sure that we’re the example, the symbol of you can go out there and do it,” he said.

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It’s impossible to stress the necessity for federal help for Black farmers, Greensboro Congresswoman Alma Adams said at a hearing.

Adams is leading a fresh movement to recover what was lost. Along with Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, she has reintroduced the Justice for Black Farmers Act for a third time.

There will be land giveaways to encourage the next generation of Black farmers to follow in Hunter’s footsteps. Changes to the USDA would see the end of discriminatory practices there as well.

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Adams claims that the wealth disparity between whites and blacks widened in the 20th century as black farmers lost property worth more than $300 billion.

We have been discussing USDA bias against Black farmers and other farmers of color for decades, she said.

“The land that belonged to my great-great-grandmother was confiscated in the 1930s,” Hunter added. “With everything that’s happened throughout the years, we need fairness now.”

From the ground up, as Hunter puts it, he’s working to fix everything that’s broken. In 2020, he and his wife launched the Black Farmers Hub in Raleigh’s Southeastern area, where they sell their crops alongside those of other Black farmers and artisans from around the region.

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They plan to do in downtown Norlina what they did in southeast Raleigh. The Hunters have only leased their Hyco Street location within the past week. That area will now have access to fresh fruit and vegetables. By the month’s end, they anticipate opening their doors to the public.

In spite of the fact that “there are only two food stores in the entire county,” Hunter believes that there is a need to expand the number of supermarkets in the area.

And he expects the Justice for Black Farmers Act to assist in satisfying consumer demand and giving voice to the next generation of black farmers.

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