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District Officials in Washington State Are Mulling Over Whether to Close Schools Due to a Precipitous Decline in Enrollment.

The largest school system in Washington state is considering closing schools and laying off employees if enrollment drops further in the wake of the pandemic.

During a workshop attended by representatives of Seattle Public Schools, the possibility of “consolidating” schools was discussed. Given that most school districts’ funding is directly proportional to student enrollment, declining student numbers would certainly exacerbate financial strains.

More than 3,500 pupils have left the city’s education system since the outbreak, and another 3,000 are projected to go by the 2025-2026 school year, according to district data.

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In such a case, enrolment would fall by 12.5% in just six years.

A representative from the Washington Homeschool Organization, Jen Garrison Stuber, expressed concern over the lack of direction for pupils.

Washington’s homeschooling rates nearly doubled during the height of the epidemic, and are currently at about a 43% rise over the 2019-2020 school year, according to state data.

In spite of this, fewer homeschoolers are registered in Seattle now than there were before the pandemic, according to Garrison Stuber.

She speculated that students were attending private institutions or had relocated out of Seattle altogether.

The Times said that Seattle might begin consolidating schools in the fall of 2024, saving an estimated $28 million.

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In Oregon, the city of Portland has lost around 8% of its student body since 2019, according to The Oregonian. The majority of the decline was seen at the elementary level, but the Portland Public Schools administration has no plans to eliminate any campuses, the site claimed.

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Some parents have kept their children out of public schools since the outbreak, and Garrison Stuber thinks that this is because they want consistency.

They don’t want the schools to “take the rug out from under us,” she said, referring to homeschooling parents.

Also, as a result of remote learning, many parents are de facto homeschooling their children, and according to Garrison Stuber, some of these families are discovering great satisfaction in doing so.

The dirty little secret of homeschooling is that “you end up genuinely like your kids,” she remarked. They’re quite excited about the opportunities ahead of them and the knowledge they’ll gain.

Officials in Texas are predicting a 2.2% reduction in enrollment over the next four years, citing declining birth rates as the explanation. This trend is not exclusive to blue states that enacted stringent pandemic closures and restrictions.

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Some parents have opted to teach their children at home or send them to private schools because of the politicization of the classroom.

In September, Tara Carter, a mother from Texas, told Fox News that she had taken her young children out of public school because she felt she had more control over their education.

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