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Crashes on a New Jersey Highway Lead to an Arrest in an ATM Robbery Using a Stolen Automobile.

Monday, a person was caught in connection with a string of break-ins and thefts in New Jersey.

Around 3 a.m., NewsCopter 7 was flying over the Palisades Parkway in Alpine, where police found a black 2022 Audi S5 that had been in a one-car accident.

Before that, Englewood police were giving chase of the car because they knew it had been stolen from Lyndhurst.

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Authorities say it is one of three recently stolen cars that were used to break into ATMs and make money.

Joshua Alcantara, 20, of Newark, tried to run away on foot after the crash, but police caught him.

He was accused of getting stolen things, blocking justice, and making it hard for the police to catch him. Alcantara was probably not the driver, so he was let go.

Police think that at least seven people are part of the ring, which uses a 2020 white BMW, an Audi S5, and a Porsche to steal from ATMs in Belleville, Roseland, Carlstadt, Hillside, West Orange, and Union, or try to steal from them.

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The most recent crime took place at 50 Washington Avenue in Belleville, New Jersey, just after midnight on Saturday. Newly released surveillance footage shows the crime.

Three people, according to the police, broke the front glass door of a laundromat and took the ATM from inside. The Audi S5 was one of two cars used in the robbery. The other was a stolen 2020 BMW.

The footage showed the thieves taking the ATM and running away.
Belleville police told Eyewitness News reporter Toni Yates that this is a group of car thieves who use stolen cars to do their crimes.
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“They used something to break through the door made of plate glass. Three people went inside, unplugged an ATM, dragged it out, and put it in an Audi “Belleville Police Det. John McAloon said.

On Thursday, March 17, 2016, people riding BART had to take a bus to the end of the Pittsburg/Bay Point line.

In Newark, the ATM from the laundry in Belleville had been broken into and was empty.
While the police look for the thieves, they are asking owners of expensive cars to lock their cars and not think that any place is safe.

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McAloon said, “Please don’t leave your key fobs in the car. If you do, you’re giving a high-end car to someone who will drive it recklessly and do bad things with it.”


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