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Chris Christie Says that Trump Is the Only Republican that Joe Biden Can Beat in 2024.

Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, made fun of Donald Trump in every way. He also said that he was worried about what would happen if the Republican Party nominated Trump again in 2024.

Christie hasn’t been afraid to say bad things about Trump in recent months, and he appeared on This Week to talk about how the former president is doing now that he’s been charged in New York. Christie said that Trump would stick to his usual way of running for office because “he’s got no other act.” He then made fun of Trump’s comments from Mar-a-Lago after his court appearance.

Christie said, “That sounded like a guy you’d meet in a bar and end up sitting next to while he talks about how bad his divorce was.” “That’s what I thought I heard. From what I’ve seen, I don’t think that the past is what wins most elections. They depend on what will happen in the future. When the primary comes, that’s going to be a problem for him, because the smart candidate will talk about the future and ignore Donald Trump except when he shows up.

Chris Christie knocks Trump's 2024 bid: 'It's not going to end nicely'

Christie kept making fun of Trump when he called the candidates he backed in the midterm elections of 2022 “awful.” When the topic of the 2024 election came up, Christie said that even though Joe Biden has low poll numbers, the president could still beat him in a rematch.

He said, “I think that Donald Trump is the only Republican that Joe Biden can beat.” “I don’t think he could beat any of the other Republicans who might run. But the economy will still be the deciding factor, and I think more bumps are on the way.”

Ann Coulter, a conservative columnist who used to support Trump but now warns Republicans not to do so because it will help Biden get re-elected, agrees with Christie.

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