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Bridgeton, Nj, Man Gets Prison Time for Badly Beating Victim and Giving Them a Brain Injury

A man from Bridgeton was found guilty of attacking another man to the point where he had serious injuries, and he was sentenced to five years in state prison for the offense as a result of the conviction.

Calvin Clark, 63 years old, was found guilty by a jury after a trial that lasted three days being charged with third-degree aggravated assault. The event took place in July of this past year.

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On October 8, 2021, the state of California filed charges against Clark, alleging that he “repeatedly beat” and tossed a man down two flights of stairs that connected to an apartment located at Clark’s address.

The apartment was connected to Clark’s site. In addition to this, the State claimed that Clark threw the guy down the staircase.
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The individual was diagnosed with the condition.

  • Traumatic damage to the brain as a result of the event
  • The lobe of the ear was opened up by a cut.
  • The lens has both subluxation and dislocation at this time.
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  • Retrobulbar hemorrhage
  • Facial trauma
  • A gland of the thyroid that has been compromised
  • A tooth that was knocked out of its socket by an external force.

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