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HomenewsAs an Arctic Blast Approaches, NJ Shoppers Struggle to Find Winter Clothes

As an Arctic Blast Approaches, NJ Shoppers Struggle to Find Winter Clothes

Despite a brief freezing blast that may hit the Philadelphia area this weekend, it is difficult to buy warm winter clothing in big-box stores.

Sarah-Beth Vaughn noted that many big-box retailers have already replaced their winter apparel with spring styles.

Vaughn stated, “They’re pushing the seasons, so even though it’s February, the stores think it’s spring.” Because you can’t find what you’re looking for at stores, you need to be creative.

Lisa Netz, proprietor of The Lavish Loft in Haddonfield’s downtown, concurred with Vaughn.

“It’s harder to find because most people are currently on spring break,” Netz added.

She said that the increase in sales at her business, which still carries winter clothes, is due to the fact that other retailers are transitioning to spring wear.

Netz stated, “The beauty of consignment is that we always receive items.” People have inquired about heavier gear and what to dress for the next weekend.

With temperatures constantly fluctuating between warm and frigid, Netz advised buyers to layer instead of purchasing a heavy jacket.

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