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HomenewsAfter Contracting COVID-19, Bruce Springsteen Misses His Own Holiday in Nj

After Contracting COVID-19, Bruce Springsteen Misses His Own Holiday in Nj

Springsteen was born in Long Branch, New Jersey, on September 23, 1949. The governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, said in a proclamation that his birthday will be marked as “Bruce Springsteen Day” all over the state.

Murphy revealed the holiday at the first American Music Honors event on Saturday at Monmouth University. The event was put on by the Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music.

Variety said that Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, couldn’t go because they had both been identified with COVID-19.

The Archives’ executive director, Bob Santelli, made the announcement a few hours after Springsteen and the E Street Band finished the first part of their 2023 tour in Newark, the entertainment news site said. It had been seven years since Springsteen’s last show in his home state.

The band will start the next leg of their tour on April 28 in Barcelona, Spain.

“Since Springsteen began playing in New Jersey, there have been 14 administrations,” Murphy told the Press. “I just can’t believe it’s taken this long.”

The declaration says, “Bruce Springsteen will always be known as the voice of the Garden State, telling the world that New Jerseyans were born to run.”

“I know my place in the hierarchy of New Jersey,” Murphy said at the ceremony on Saturday. “After all, I might be the 56th person who has been called “governor,” but there will only ever be one “Boss.”

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