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HomenewsAfter Attempting to Swim Across the Hudson River From Manhattan, Bear Was...

After Attempting to Swim Across the Hudson River From Manhattan, Bear Was Rescued in New Jersey.

After surviving a mile-long swim across the Hudson River from New York City to New Jersey, a dog was rescued and reunited with his family.

Edgewater Fire Company members said they pulled the dog out from under the Independence Harbor pier around dawn on Tuesday.

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A firefighter in training stated they were called to investigate a dog’s barking near the lake. They lowered a boat under the wharf and picked him up from there.

I grabbed him by the back of the head and put him in the back of the boat, and the two guys in the water simply stayed behind him so he would come toward the boat,” firefighter Tom Quinton said.

It’s a great feeling, especially after going back for a second try to find him.

Ellen Wolpin was reunited with her dog after he was rescued from the sea, fed, and examined at an animal hospital.
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Wolpin revealed that she had only recently acquired Bear as a service dog for her son with special needs on the previous Tuesday. They were going to miss him terribly, and she was afraid they’d never see him again.
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“I felt he was gone for life,” Wolpin said. “We were so heartbroken, devastated this weekend, we didn’t know what to do.”

On Saturday, when they were out getting him a leash, he escaped, dashed along the West Side Highway at 86th Street, and leaped in the river near 110th Street.

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Bear is a mutt of the Leonberger and Burmese Mountain dog breeds. Bear is used to the great outdoors thanks to his upbringing outside of Bozeman, Montana, and the fact that Leonbergers are born swimmers.

“He’s given us a lifetime of happiness with this,” Wolpin said of his son and the dog.

“I say the dog is a fighter and so is my son, so they’re a perfect combo.” “He’s terrific; at this point, you wouldn’t even guess that he had this adventure.”


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