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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
HomenewsAfter a Failed Home Invasion in Jersey City, Police Have Arrested Two...

After a Failed Home Invasion in Jersey City, Police Have Arrested Two Men and the Man’s Mother

A botched attempt at an armed house invasion in Jersey City has resulted in multiple charges being filed against two men and one of their mothers, according to the local authorities.

On Monday, March 13, at approximately 10:10 p.m., police say that Earl Austin and Loena Maynard, both 31 years old, entered a home on New Heckman Drive while brandishing a weapon and asked the occupants for money.

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They ran away after being confronted by a member of the local population. After the event, police were able to apprehend Maynard, Austin, and Austin’s mother, Malissa Austin, who is 53 years old, according to the authorities. Two handguns were found in the search.

Austin Was Accused of the Following:

  • 2C:39-4A Illegal Possession of Firearms (0906-W-2023-000940)
  • 2C:39-5B UNLAW POSS WEAP-HANDGUN 0906-W-2023-000940
  • 2C:39-3F(1) WEAP-POSS DUM-DUM BULLET 0906-W-2023-000940
  • ILL POSS AMMO MAGAZINE 2C:39-3J REGULAR ISSUE 0906-W-2023-000940
  • ILL POSS AMMO MAGAZINE 2C:39-3J REGULAR ISSUE 0906-W-2023-000940
  • 2C:39-7A CERTAIN PERSONS NOT TO HAVE WEAPONS 0906-W-\s2023-000940
  • 2C:15-1A(1) Theft by Unauthorized Taking 0906-W-2023-000940
  • 2C:24-4 Endanger the Welfare of a Child 0906-W-2023-000940 Endanger the welfare of a child
  • 2C:18-2A(1) ENTRY INTO BURGLARY 0906-W-2023-000940
  • CONSPIRACY REPORT NO. 2C:5-2A(1) 0906-W-2023-000940

Maynard Was Accused of the Following Crimes:

  • 2C:39-4A Illegal Purpose Firearms 0906-W-2023-000939 (Unlawful Purpose Firearms)
  • 2C:39-5B UNLAW POSS WEAP-HANDGUN 0906-W-2023-000939
  • 2C:39-3F WEAP POSS DUM-DUM BULLET 0906-W-2023-000939
  • 2C:28-6 TAMPERING W/EVIDENCE 0906-W-2023-000939

Malissa Austin was arrested on suspicion of participating in a conspiracy.

Sapna Pal
Sapna Pal
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