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HomenewsA Witness From Pennsylvania Reported a Spherical Object Making Abrupt Moves.

A Witness From Pennsylvania Reported a Spherical Object Making Abrupt Moves.

According to Mutual UFO Network evidence, a Mineral Point, Pennsylvania witness saw a bright white, round-shaped object traveling beneath 1,500 feet at a fast speed at about 7 p.m. on November 2, 2022. (MUFON).

The witness viewed planes from a porch as the sunset. Dusk was approaching. The witness noticed anything odd.

“I witnessed an unfamiliar, wonderfully bright, white, circular object with a small attached triangle tail,” the witness said.

The eastern sky suddenly revealed the object.

It was 500–1,500 feet high. The thing traveled fast for five seconds. It stopped abruptly as the mystery object soared straight up toward the southeast.
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The witness recreated the scene and added artwork because she didn’t have a phone.

The November 6, 2022 report includes one image. Cambria County’s Mineral Point is unincorporated. Edits clarified witness quotes. Report UFOs to MUFON or the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

PA Cases

The MUFON December newsletter reported 35 UFO encounters in Pennsylvania in November 2022. California led with 47 reports.

November 2022 saw 126 round cases nationwide.
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According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a Pennsylvania witness in Johnstown saw a large, silver-colored, disc-shaped object hovering above on June 30, 1951. (NUFORC).

Witness’s child reported. The reported witness’s late father, a WWII veteran, observed a UFO with many others while working on a local train. Estimated date.

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The witness was a Conemaugh and Blacklick Railroad Company day laborer sledgehammering the track. He worked on a workforce of dozens to hundreds for several days. Sunny, cloudless, and deep blue. He estimated mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

“Suddenly, someone yelled, ‘Oh look!’ and he looked up and saw an enormous silver disc traveling at an extraordinary speed,” the reported witness said. “Amazing.”

After reaching a point in the sky, the item stopped, lingered for many seconds to a minute, descended a mile or two, hovered, shot across the sky, hovered, and disappeared.

The item was silent and vapor less. It was plain but round.

The witness saw a UFO and was not religious or superstitious. He was released from the Navy in December 1949 after driving a landing craft in 1944.

He said he was trained to estimate size and distance and had used anti-aircraft guns and his ship’s 14 to 16-inch cannons in South Pacific engagements.

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He thought this UFO was about four football fields and moved faster than any aircraft he had seen, even early jets. Only a missile mid-flight could have matched it. It stopped instantly.”

Johnstown, PA, has 18,411. Edits clarified witness quotes.


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