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A New Proposal Suggests the Fdny May Charge Up to $1,400 for an Ambulance Transport Within the City

The Fire Department of the City of New York is considering instituting a fare increase that is greater than fifty percent.

The price of a ride that is requested through 911 would increase from $900 to roughly $1,400 as a result of this change.

In addition, the payment per mile from the patient’s home to the medical facility would go up from $15 to $20.

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The agency claims that the increase is necessary due to the effects of inflation as well as a pay increase for EMS personnel. It is responsible for around 70 percent of the hospital transportation in the city.

There is a possibility that expenses associated with advanced life support emergency transports, which call for paramedics with a higher level of education and training, will also go up.

The last time prices were raised was in 2021, when they went from $775 to $900 for the cost of ambulance transport. This represented a 16% increase.

Late in the month of March, we shall deliberate and settle on a conclusion regarding this proposition. Should the proposal to increase the cost of ambulance services be accepted, the new rates would go effective in the spring.

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