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A Child Uses Dad’s GrubHub Account to Place a Nearly $1000 Worth of Food Orders

On his father’s GrubHub account, a six-year-old made nearly $1,000 in unauthorized purchases. When the parents asked one of the drivers, Keith and Kristyn Stonehouse discovered they had no idea why bags of food was being left at their door.

Keith Stonehouse learned he had allowed his son Mason, age 6, to use his phone before bed when the driver indicated he had placed the order for the food.

Orders for meals totaled about $1,000. But some of the payments were halted by the bank.

Keith Stonehouse said, “I get a notification on my phone saying that a pizza establishment has denied my card for $439 in fraud.”

The family claimed that they tried to explain to Mason that the food was expensive and that they had to take big breaths before speaking with him about what he had done.

“He was shown all of the money that was coming out of his piggy bank after we took it. And that was it, one by one. Those foods were in this sack “Mr. Keith Stonehouse said

Mason won’t be able to use his phone right away, according to the family.

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