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Homenews20 Sentence Issued to Contract Killer in Political Assassination

20 Sentence Issued to Contract Killer in Political Assassination

The guy who acknowledged to assisting in the execution of a murder-for-hire scheme devised by a former New Jersey political consultant was sentenced to twenty years in jail on Thursday.

After pleading guilty little over a year ago, Bomani Africa appeared in federal district court for sentence in the 2014 death of Michael Galdieri, the son of a former state legislator.

Africa and George Bratsenis, according to authorities, stabbed and then set Galdieri’s Jersey City flat on fire in exchange for cash at the behest of political consultant Sean Caddle. Both Bratsenis and Caddle pled guilty in the scandal that rocked New Jersey politics,

Some questions regarding the case remain unsolved. Why did Caddle want his former friend Galdieri to die? Why was he handed house arrest last year after pleading guilty? And were there any connections between the guilty pleas and other investigations?

The revelations about Galdieri’s murder shook political circles in New Jersey, a state notorious for dozens of political corruption convictions over the past three decades, as well as skulduggery such as the 2013 “Bridgegate” scandal involving the intentional creation of traffic jams near the George Washington Bridge for political retribution.

Caddle was well-known in the politics of northern New Jersey, having represented current Democratic U.S. Senator Robert Menendez and former Democratic state Senator Raymond Lesniak.

Africa, who was already incarcerated in Rhode Island, was sentenced to ten years in jail last week for two robberies in Connecticut.

Bratsenis was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in one of these robberies last year.

Next month, Bratsenis and Caddle are set to be sentenced for their roles in the murder plan.

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