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Homenews2 Killed After 6.4-magnitude Earthquake 'complete Mess'

2 Killed After 6.4-magnitude Earthquake ‘complete Mess’

Local officials reported two deaths and a “complete catastrophe” in a coastal California hamlet after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake.

Rio Dell has no electricity or water after the earthquake broke a major water main and rattled homes off their foundations, a Humboldt County official said Tuesday morning.

The USGS reported a “notable” 6.4-magnitude earthquake on California’s northern coast early Tuesday.

USGS preliminary estimates placed the quake’s center on the Pacific Coast about 7.
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5 miles from Ferndale, California. The local time was 2:34 a.m.

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Two 72- and 83-year-old Humboldt County residents died “as a result of medical problems happening during and/or soon following the earthquake,” officials stated.

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal reported at least 12 earthquake-related injuries Tuesday morning.

Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency Tuesday night after the earthquake.
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“The emergency proclamation enables Humboldt County to access resources under the California Disaster Assistance Act, directs Caltrans to formally request immediate assistance through the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief Program, and supports impacted residents by easing access to unemployment benefits and waiving fees to replace records such as marriage and birth certificates,” he said.

Samantha Kargas, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office public relations officer, told ABC News that multiple people were rescued Tuesday morning from a collapsed building. reported 29,000 Humboldt County customers without power Tuesday night.

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“Do not call 911 unless you are facing an imminent emergency,” officials tweeted.

The Humboldt County sheriff’s office reported “widespread” damage to roads and residences, including Ferndale’s Fernbridge. A sheriff’s office representative reported two falls-related county injuries.

Humboldt County officials claimed a water heater cut a gas line, igniting a property.

According to county officials, 15 homes were red-tagged and hazardous to enter, while 18 were yellow-tagged and moderately damaged.

2 Killed After 6.4-magnitude Earthquake 'complete Mess'

The California Department of Transportation stopped State Route 211 at Fernbridge due to anticipated seismic damage to roads and a bridge.

In Fortuna, vibrations smashed store windows.

Officials say FEMA’s Wireless Emergency Alert System issued “ShakeAlerts” to cellphones after the quake.

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“We hope everyone is safe and if you felt shaking or got an alert you took protective action like Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” USGS added.

The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center, which measured the quake at 6.1, didn’t expect a tsunami.


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