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Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date: is Season 5 of Yellowstone the Last Season?

When will Yellowstone Season 5 be released? One of Paramount’s current streaming service hits is Kevin Costner’s TV series about the trials and tribulations of the Dutton family ranch. So much so that we’re getting a shortened fifth season with 14 episodes split into two parts.

Though the drama series appears to be a straightforward look at the life of a ranch manager, it goes much deeper than that. John Dutton (Costner) must avoid various attempts to evict him and his family from their property or to contest the borders of America’s largest remaining ranch.

Between outside politics and the lives of his three children, Beth (Kelly Reilly), Kayce (Luke Grimes), and Jamie (Wes Bentley), things frequently become more complicated than John bargained for.

Now he’s running for governor, and relations between the Duttons of the next generation are at an all-time low. Kayce, on the other hand, is simply forging his path by participating in Yellowstone for his wife Mo’s Native American tribe.

With that, Beth’s torturous manipulation of Jamie, and John’s political career, the Yellowstone season 5 release date promises a truly cohesive story.
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Put on your best boots because it’s time to giddy up.

Release Date of Season 5 of Yellowstone

Season 5 of Yellowstone will premiere on November 13, 2022. The renewal order for another batch of episodes was received in February 2022, along with the announcement that it will be released in two parts, providing fans with an exciting new chapter.

Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of Yellowstone with John Linson, plans to begin filming in May 2022, according to Deadline. On Instagram, Forrie J Smith, who plays Lloyd, later confirmed that filming would begin in mid-May.

Smith said in a short video, “Hey, Cody Ring and all you Yellowstone addicts.” “Thank you so much for the care package. It’s far too sweet. I appreciate the thought, and my granddaughter adored the rabbit you sent her… We’re all returning for season five in mid-May, so keep those Yellowstone vibes coming. Thank you very much.”

Yellowstone Season 5 Storyline

We can’t predict what will happen in Yellowstone Season 5, but here are a few key points to remember. First and foremost, John’s governorship campaign and all the attention that comes with it. It’s been hinted that he might end up in jail in the coming season, with one of the political foes uncovering some real dirt on the Dutton patriarch.

Beth made amends for nearly sabotaging John’s voting promise by getting Jamie’s hands filthy. Jamie is trapped for the time being, but for how long?
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Finally, Kayce is now stranded in the Montana wilderness. Mo and Rainwater promised to return in four days, but four days is a long time when you’re at the mercy of the elements.

Yellowstone Season 5 Storyline

Yellowstone season 5 should address all of this while also introducing some new twists. The Dutton ranch may be in for some thunderous days!

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Trailer Teaser of Yellowstone Season 5

The first Season 5 footage was revealed in an ominous teaser trailer shown during the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. “We’ll show the world who we are and what we do,” says John Dutton in a voice-over as images of the Duttons are shown. The trailer then teases, “All will be revealed,” before revealing that the Nov. 13 premiere will be a two-hour event.

The cast of Yellowstone Season 5

Yellowstone season 5 is expected to bring back the entire main cast. That leaves Costner, Grimes, Riley, and Bentley as the Dutton family’s mainstays. Then there’s Asbille, who plays Mo, Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, and Brekcen Miller, who plays Tate Dutton.

The main cast of Yellowstone Season 5 is as follows:

  • John Dutton is played by Kevin Costner.
  • Kayce Dutton is played by Luke Grimes.
  • Kelly Reilly in the role of Beth Dutton
  • Jamie Dutton is played by Wes Bentley.
  • Rip Wheeler is played by Cole Hauser.
  • Tate Dutton is played by Brecken Merrill.
  • Monica Long Dutton is played by Kelsey Asbille.
  • Chief Thomas Rainwater is played by Gil Birmingham.
  • Colby Mayfield is played by Denim Richards.
  • Lloyd Pierce is played by Forrie J Smith.
  • Ryan is played by Ian Bohen.
  • Teeter is played by Jen Landon.
  • Walker is played by Ryan Bingham.

Is Season 5 the Final Season of Yellowstone?

In short, there’s a real possibility that Yellowstone season 5 will be the show’s final season, as everything appears to be building up to the perfect storm. Furthermore, Yellowstone isn’t Sheridan’s only show in the works.

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