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Why Did I Let Him Work There? The Distraught Mother of the New York City Smoke Shop Victim Asked Herself

The distraught mother of a 20-year-old smoke shop employee shot dead in a failed robbery in Queens said she had no idea her son’s line of work made him a target for violent criminals.

On Sunday, Kiesha Clarke, 41, told The Post that she is still in shock over the shooting death of her son, Daryus, on Saturday night, the most recent brutal attack on a New York City smoke shop.

“I had no idea this was going on,” the distraught mother added. I had no notion that those who worked in smoking businesses were being targeted for murder. I would never have hired him if I had known.

Police have noted a rise in armed robberies at smoke shops, which are attractive targets because they deal primarily in cash and, in the case of many, sell marijuana as well.

Three robbers entered the Plug Smoke Shop on Jamaica Avenue at noon on that fateful day and fatally shot the teenage employee, Daryus Clarke.

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CBD tubes, which contain cannabidiol, a component found in marijuana, could be spotted strewn about the store’s exterior, suggesting that the burglars may have abandoned them.

Darius was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Jamaica Medical Center.

Kiesha, a mother of four, expressed disbelief. I’m completely brain-dead at the moment. Darius simply reported for duty as usual yesterday. A gangster he was not. Nobody could find fault with him.

“Darius is a very joyful, jovial youngster,” she said. “He was most happy when he was listening to music or playing video games. He had rap star aspirations. He was happiest when he was with his family: dad, mom, two brothers, and sister.

“He wished to resume his academic pursuits,” she remarked.

Keisha mentioned that Darius has worked at Plug Smoke Shop since it opened in the fall.

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You read about these things on the news, but it wouldn’t occur to you or someone you love that it could happen to you or them, the mother added.

“Yesterday was supposed to be a joyous day. The mother who is taking business classes online through the University of Phoenix went back to school and was inducted into an honor society yesterday, making her very happy.

And now I’m completely taken aback.

They stole $100 cash and $50 worth of products, she said, making the total loss $150. “This was a senseless shooting, especially over something as petty as $150,” she said.

I think the mayor should pay close attention to the fact that my kid didn’t deserve to die for $150. It doesn’t matter if the smoke store was legitimate or not; having security is a good idea in any case. The lives of real individuals are at stake here. Day in and day out, no matter where they’re stationed.”

The perpetrators, who police say fled the scene in a white Toyota, are still at large, they say.

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A man was shot and killed at a cigarette store in Harlem last month, and dramatic surveillance footage captured the victim’s final moments as he staggered across the street and collapsed.

The New York Police Department has responded to these types of offenses by instructing its five borough precincts to “especially target” any smoke shops within their jurisdiction.

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