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When the Police Showed Up, a Woman Found Out That Her Husband of 40 Years Had Been Hiding Something.

As of 2015, after 40 fruitful years of marriage and a brood of children, Brooklynites Bobby and Cheryl Love were as content as ever. Their entire world was about to flip upside down.

Cheryl recalls that she made tea in the kitchen while Bobby was still in bed, as was her custom on most mornings.

The police knocked unexpectedly on the door. Cheryl didn’t realize the situation was dire until 12 police officers stormed into her house and rushed to the bedroom where her husband was resting.

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When they inquired his name, he just said, “Bobby Love.” A resounding “No,” followed by “what’s your true name?”

Cheryl thought she heard him say something, but he was soon being led away in handcuffs. Police informed Cheryl that she was mistaken about her husband’s identity.

Astonished, Cheryl couldn’t believe it. 40 years into their marriage, she still had no reason to suspect her spouse of illicit activity. But the law enforcement was correct. Her husband’s real name wasn’t Bobby Love, and he was a criminal.

Bobby Love, whose real name was Walter Miller, was actually on the run from the law for 40 years under an assumed identity. His family was completely unaware of his secret past life.

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Originally, Walter called North Carolina home. He had a rough childhood and ended up as a troubled youngster who hung out with the wrong gang.

The armed robbery conviction and 25–30 year sentence he received in 1971 led to his escape from a prison transport bus.

After arriving in New York City, he decided to give himself the name Bobby Love and start a new life there. Not only did he land a job, but he also wooed the woman who would become his wife.

Walter married his wife in 1985, and soon after he made the decision to become an honest man. However, he kept his former life a secret from his wife and children.

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Walter was arrested in 2015 and then released on parole again in 2016. His family has been there for him through this hardship, and they have forgiven him.

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