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Today, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas Developed the Final Announcement: Outside the Uvalde School Where 21 Students Were Killed by A Gunman!

A mob booed Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday outside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, where a shooter murdered 21 people, including 19 children, in the bloodiest school shooting in a decade.

As the Republicans neared a makeshift monument, where mourners lay bouquets of flowers under a sign that reads “Bienvenidos” (“Welcome,” in Spanish) below the school’s name, someone in the crowd cried, “Shame on you, Abbott,” according to Reuters.

Governor Abbott Made a Statement.

Another individual cried, “Governor Abbott, we need your aid!”
“Please, Governor, assist the county of Uvalde! Change is required! Governor, we need a change. Change is required.


This is not what our children deserve “In a scene recorded on film and shared on Twitter, a guy yelled. “In this neighborhood, our children are constantly targeted. We need assistance.”

Before 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Salvador Ramos, a Uvalde resident, opened fire at Robb Elementary School. Police reported during a news conference later that day that the students deceased were in the second, third, and fourth classes.

Approximately 20 cops waited in a corridor for more than 45 minutes while the gunman was inside a classroom, according to Col. Steven McCraw, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, who conceded that law enforcement made the incorrect choice.

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The Police’s Reluctance Cost Them Money.

The commander on the site thought the shooter had holed himself in an empty classroom, and that no students were in danger, according to McCraw.

Respect for Those Who Have Died

After Border Patrol officials used a master key to unlock the door, the police were finally able to confront the shooter. Ramos is thought to have been slain by police.

By that moment, 21 people had died. “From where I’m sitting now, with the benefit of hindsight, it was obviously not the proper option,” McCraw said of the delay in entering the classroom. “It was a poor choice. That is not acceptable. We consider that an entry should have been made as quickly as possible. The regulations alter when there is an active shooter.”

While the violence occurred outside the school, family members pleaded the authorities to intervene, and some attempted to rescue their children on their own. Many families think that the police’s hesitancy cost them their loved ones’ lives.

Abbott Said at A News Conference on Wednesday.

Abbott told reporters at a press conference on Wednesday, “The truth is that as bad as it was, it might have been far worse. Because law enforcement authorities performed their jobs, it didn’t become any worse.

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They showed incredible bravery by rushing forward with gunfire with the sole intention of saving lives. It is true that they were able to preserve lives as a result of their swift reaction, arriving on the scene, responding to the shooter, and eliminating the gunman. Regrettably, not enough.”

The governor said on Friday that he was repeating false information. “I was misled,” Abbott, 64, said during a subsequent news conference. “What transpired has enraged me.”

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Respect for Those Who Have Died.

“Two days earlier, I was on this exact platform, delivering the public information that had been provided to me in a room only a few yards behind where we’re looking right now,” he added. “I jotted down detailed notes on everything everyone in the room said to me in the order they said it.

respect who died the people

As everyone knows, some of the information I was provided turned out to be wrong. And that enrages me to no end.” President Joe Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden arrived in Uvalde, Texas,

just before Gov. Abbott arrived on Sunday to pay their condolences to the dead and to comfort the mourning community. In Uvalde, Gov. Abbott, Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, Rep. Tony Gonzales, and Judge Bill Mitchell all greeted the president and his wife.

The Bidens Meet with Sufferers of The School Shootings.

The Bidens also met with Dr. Hal Harrell, the superintendent of the Uvalde County Independent School District, and Mandy Gutierrez, the principal of Robb Elementary School, and paid a visit to the victims’ monument.


While paying his respects, President Biden was observed wiping away a tear.

According to CBS News, the Bidens visited with others involved in the school shooting atrocity, including victims’ relatives, survivors, and first responders, after placing flowers at the entrance of the school. Later, the president and first lady attended mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, where Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller welcomed them.

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The Justice Department Has Made an Announcement.

The Bidens‘ visit comes on the heels of the Justice Department announcing that, at Mayor McLaughlin’s request, it would undertake an investigation of the police response to the horrific shooting.

The Justice Department Has Made an Announcement

“The review’s purpose is to offer an unbiased assessment of law enforcement’s actions and reactions on that day, as well as to identify lessons learned and best practices to aid first responders in preparing for and responding to active shooter situations.


The investigation will be carried out in collaboration with the Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing “Anthony Coley, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, released a statement on Sunday.

“This examination will be fair, public, and impartial, much like previous Justice Department after-action assessments of mass shootings and other key situations. At the completion of its investigation, the Justice Department will issue a report detailing its conclusions “the statement went on to say


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