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To Prevent the Spread of Spotted Lanternflies This Winter, Residents of New Jersey Are Urged to Destroy Any Egg Masses They Find.

The spotted lanternfly is a species that is endemic to China but has now spread throughout the world.
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2014 marked the year when the species was found for the first time in the United States.

Since then, they have established a presence in a number of states located in the northeastern and central regions. It causes severe harm to crops and can diminish yields as a result. In general, it works by sucking the nutrients out of the plant that it infects.
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Spotted lanternflies can spread from one location to another when their egg masses, which contain 30 to 50 eggs and cling to almost any surface, are moved from one location to another.

These egg masses can cling to moving vehicles like rail cars and trailers, as well as outdoor equipment and patio furniture. As of right now, a number of locations in New Jersey have been identified by specialists as having spotted lanternfly infestations.

Recently, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture issued a warning to customers shopping for Christmas trees to be on the lookout for the spotted lanternfly.

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