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HomenewsThis Mouthwatering Treat Has Been Deemed New Jersey's Best Donut.

This Mouthwatering Treat Has Been Deemed New Jersey’s Best Donut.

Don’t be cheap with yourself; treat yourself. Getting your hands on a hot, fresh, and tasty doughnut is a great way to start!

Today, though, we’re not going to be discussing the likes of Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme; rather, we’ll be elevating the doughnut to a whole new level. Find the greatest doughnut in New Jersey and your cheat day will be worth it a thousand times over! However, where could it be hiding?

When it comes to finding the best doughnuts in each state, the folks at Eat This, Not That did the legwork for you.

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Apple fritters, jelly doughnuts, sticky buns, maple bacon doughnuts, and even doughnut ice cream sandwiches can all be included on the list. What kind of doughnut is considered the best in Garden State?

As the audience applauds, I will now begin…

Alternatively, I’d like a cinnamon sugar roll.
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Toms’s River’s Uncle Dood’s Donuts is Famous for Its “French Toast Donut.”

Uncle Dood’s “French Toast” doughnut is the best in the whole state. Their menu says it’s topped with maple frosting and cinnamon sugar.

The French Toast doughnut is front and centre in this box of doughnuts, which also contains a wide variety of other outrageously delicious varieties.

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This is probably old news if you’re from Ocean County or nearby. At 4 Robbins St, Uncle Dood’s has long since cemented its status as a renowned, can’t-miss destination for any visitor looking to get a true feel for the neighbourhood.

Personally, one visit to Uncle Dood’s was sufficient. Because thank God… I had one of the best doughnuts of my life, hands down, and it was the French Toast variety.

It felt wonderful and rejuvenatingly fresh.
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If I were closer, I’d definitely gain weight.

Tell me about your go-to doughnut shop. What is your favourite Uncle Dood flavour?


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