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HomenewsThe Possibility of Armed Campus Police at George Washington University Increases

The Possibility of Armed Campus Police at George Washington University Increases

Capital News Service — WASHINGTON The campus police at George Washington University may soon have access to firearms. They are unarmed at the moment.

Dr. Mark Wrighton, president of the university, made an online announcement on April 13 stating his support for arming supervisory campus police officers.

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Wrighton added in the statement, “Immediate response to life-threatening incidents is critical, but whenever weapons are involved, unarmed officers cannot respond and must rely instead on other armed law enforcement.”

“As long as safety is the primary concern, then, we’re all good,” said student Nate Fordham.

Wrighton pondered school shootings elsewhere, such as the one at the University of Virginia on November 13, 2023, which claimed the lives of three student-athletes.

Three months later, there was a shooting at Michigan State University, and three people died.

As one more student put it, “I think if it keeps students safe, then I’m sure they’re very well qualified,” and Diego Morris is one of those students.

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Wrighton also stated that only cops with supervisory responsibilities who have completed the necessary training, which includes firearms training, will be equipped. However, there are still pupils who feel their worries have not been addressed.

I merely care that everyone stays safe, and I don’t see how firearms help. I agree with Jayden Bourne, a student.

Many people disagree with Wrighton’s assessment and urge him to rethink it.

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You have no actual say over another person’s behavior. Kahari Crooms remarked, “You can’t control, or really gauge, how somebody handles a crisis. “When guns are involved, tragedies occur.”

On Monday at 1 pm, there will be a demonstration at Kogan Plaza against the plan.

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