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The Long Island LGBTQ+ Community is Celebrating the Passage of a Bill in Congress That Will Protect Same-sex Marriages.

After passing through the House of Representatives on Thursday, a law that would preserve same-sex unions has received widespread support from LGBTQ+ couples and groups on Long Island.

A bill that would protect same-sex and interracial marriages has passed the House.

Both David Kilmnick and Robert Vitelli are members of the LGBT Network and work as activists there together.

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They are also a married pair, and the legislation proposes that if they moved to another state, their marriage would continue to be fully protected even though they would be living in a different jurisdiction.

Kilmnick and Vitelli believe that love will triumph in the end and that the topic should not be politicized.

Kilmnick stated that a person’s political affiliation should not affect the status of their marriage. “Regardless of whether or not you identify with a certain political party, we are just as patriotic Americans as the next person.”

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According to Vitelli, the decision made on Thursday offered a sense of relief to members of the LGBTQ+ community because it means they may live their lives as normally as any other American and do not have to worry as regularly about the rights of their marriage being taken away.

According to Vitelli, “we feel pretty good since there are more people in government who support us than there are who do not,”

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The bill will soon arrive on the desk of Vice President Joe Biden, where it is anticipated that he will sign it into law.


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