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The Following is Important Information for Anyone Who Buys Gas in New Jersey With a Debit or Credit Card:

Someone reported on our NextDoor app that their husband’s credit card information was stolen, most likely at a petrol station located in the Marlton-Cherry Hill region.

After the initial post, there were over 75 responses made within a day and a half alleging that many other people have had the same or very similar experiences.

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Because the price of gasoline has risen so quickly and to such a high level in the past few months, it is possible that many consumers will not notice an additional charge or a tiny charge at the convenience shop located inside.

The majority of us were used to the former practice

of only giving cash back when there was a significant variance in the cost of the item(s). Even though the cash will be gone much more quickly and you may have to visit the ATM a little more frequently or more forcefully if you drive a lot as I do, it is not a bad idea to go ahead and do that right now.

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Be mindful of the risks involved if you insist on paying for gas using a credit card. In fewer than twenty-four hours, the following is the remainder of the thread, along with some of the comments

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