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Scrap metal Thieves Hit 18 Amazon Delivery Vehicles in NJ

Catalytic converters were stolen from delivery trucks parked along Willow Grove Street between 8:30 p.m. Saturday and 10:15 a.m. Sunday, according to police lieutenant Darren Tynan.

The property is a modest industrial sector with a large parking lot and a paving firm.

Tynan requested that anybody with information regarding the thefts contact the Hackettstown Police Department at 908-852-3300.

Why Are Catalytic Converters Stolen?

The converters are desirable because they contain rare metals. They have been taken from lots and neighbourhoods throughout the whole state, including as many as sixty trucks parked at the Lakewood Industrial Park over the Fourth of July weekend.

In September, nine catalytic converters were stolen from a Moorestown school bus lot.

Making In-Roads Against Thefts

Five New Jersey individuals were indicted in November for their participation in a five-state catalytic converter stealing conspiracy. In December, Monmouth County police arrested four Camden residents who were removing catalytic converters from automobiles on Kneeley Boulevard in Ocean Township.

In October, the state Senate unanimously enacted a bill that prohibits recycling firms from purchasing a catalytic converter unless it is linked to a car. The VIN of the vehicle it came from and confirmation of ownership would be required from sellers. There would be an exemption for vendors who are used auto-parts merchants or auto-repair businesses.

The bill is currently in the Assembly Committee on Law and Public Safety.

Catalytic converters were taken from 18 Amazon delivery vehicles in New Jersey.

How to Protect Your Car’s Catalytic Converter

Bordentown police offered some tips on preventing catalytic converter theft

  • Park your car in a garage or well-lit area.
  • Install security cameras in the area where you normally park.
  • Adjust the alarm on your vehicle to activate from vibrations. Thieves use a saw to cut out the catalytic converter so those vibrations would activate the alarm.
  • Engrave your VIN number onto your catalytic converter to make it easier to identify in case it does get stolen.
  • Install a catalytic converter-specific security device.

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