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Ryan Grantham, an Actor, Was Given a Life Sentence for Murdering His Mother.

For shooting and killing his mother, Barbara Waite, at their Canadian home in 2020, former child actor Ryan Grantham received a life sentence.

Grantham, who is most known for his appearances in Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, admitted to killing his mother in the second degree. At the age of 21, he used a.22 rifles to shoot Waite in the head as she practiced the piano at her Squamish, British Columbia, home.
According to CBC, Grantham, 24, will not be eligible for parole for 14 years after receiving his mandatory life sentence on Wednesday in Vancouver’s British Columbia Supreme Court.

Grantham admitted to the crime and said in court that he had captured a GoPro video of his mother’s body shortly after the murder.

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According to Newsweek Grantham left the house in a car stocked with three guns, ammo, and 12 Molotov cocktails the day after killing his mother with the goal of assassinating Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.
He changed his mind midway through his trip and chose to carry out a mass massacre, after which he drove to a Vancouver Police Department building and turned himself up.

Justice Kathleen Ker described Grantham’s change of heart regarding the killing spree as his “saving grace” and noted that comments from Waite’s family members, including Grantham’s sister, demonstrated the “life-shattering” nature of the tragedy.

According to Ker, Grantham had mental health issues in the weeks before killing his mother and had been watching violent videos on the dark web.
According to CBC, the judge stated that Grantham is making progress while receiving continued psychiatric care in custody.

According to Grantham’s attorney Chris Johnson, the judge’s punishment was what Grantham expected to get.


“I believe he has some reservations about the situation. He is a rather small man, so I’m sure the idea of entering the jail system is intimidating and terrifying to him.

Noting Grantham’s “diminutive” build, Ker said she wouldn’t advise having the actor complete his sentence in a maximum-security facility.

Grantham had been going through a “severe phase of clinical depression” prior to killing his mother, according to two psychiatric assessments cited by Crown prosecutor Michaela Donnelly.

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Grantham was “feeling inclinations to harm himself and perform acts of violence.” He killed his mother “to prevent her from experiencing the horrors he intended to do,” according to the allegations that CBC obtained.

According to Complex, Grantham’s sister Lisa discovered their cancer-stricken mother the day after she passed away on April 1, 2020.

In her victim impact statement, Lisa stated that Ryan “gave her no chance to protect herself” because she was “weak.” “It hurts me to know that he put her life at peril.”

What Role Did Ryan Grantham Play in Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Ryan Grantham, an actor, was found guilty of shooting his mother Barbara Waite, and received a life sentence. In March 2020, Graham entered a “guilty” plea to second-degree murder.

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The British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver delivered the judgment. Grantham won’t be eligible to ask for parole for at least 14 years, according to Canada’s CBC. Statements made by Barbara Grantham’s family members, notably Grantham’s sister, were cited by Justice Kathleen Ker. Ker said that his knowledge of the crime and lack of a spree was his saving grace.
Rodney James was portrayed by Ryan Grantham in the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid. In the school play The Wizard of Oz, he plays a part.

James tries to land the Tin Man part when casting begins but is unsuccessful. In light of a large number of children already participating in the play and the school’s efforts to replace the remaining roles with fresh ones, he is then asked to take on the character of Shrub.



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